How Is Amazon Using Augmented Reality in 2018?

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Augmented reality (AR) is redefining the retail industry. This innovative technology makes it possible for retailers to augment real-world shopping environments with computer-generated assets, bringing clarity, efficiency and convenience to shoppers and employees alike. Considering the great promise that AR shows, it’s no surprise that Amazon is leveraging it to improve shopping experiences for customers.

At Scandit, we take pride in providing today’s retailers with the resources and support they need to take full advantage of augmented reality technology. That’s why we develop a range of AR scanning solutions to help our partners refine their daily workflows and the shopping experiences they provide. Today, to enlighten and inspire you, we’ll be walking through how Amazon is using AR to optimize its retail offerings in 2018—and how your retail business can harness AR scanning to thrive.

Understanding Amazon AR View

Amazon AR View allows Amazon App users to project computer-generated images of products in their living space via augmented reality. With this feature, app users can make better shopping decisions by visualizing how viewed items will fit the aesthetic and layout of their home. Amazon App shoppers can simply tap the camera icon in their search bar, select the “AR view” option and pull up desired products to sample an unlimited number of items. Each product is appropriately sized and rendered, giving shoppers an accurate view of how they will look in different home environments. Users even have the option to move or rotate these computer-generated images on their camera-equipped device to test different placement locations and angles.

The purpose of Amazon AR View is to give shoppers the knowledge and confidence to find the perfect items before making a single purchase. This feature is particularly beneficial for larger items that are difficult to visualize in the home—such as furniture and stereo systems. Amazon AR View is now available for both iOS and Android devices, empowering most customers to shop smarter and faster than ever before on the Amazon App. Amazon is still expanding its list of AR-compatible items in 2018, and has plans to expand the feature to countries outside of the U.S. soon.

The Future of Augmented Reality

Amazon is poised to make even more progress in the field of augmented reality in the coming years. For example, the e-commerce titan recently patented an AR mirror that will dress users in virtual clothing. In time, Amazon technology could mature to the point of incorporating this feature into its mobile shopping app, allowing customers to try on thousands of outfits from the comfort and convenience of home.

Augmented reality shows massive potential for the retail industry. In fact, experts predict that AR will generate up to $1.6 billion in retail revenue by 2025. Here are a few exciting consumer stats from Lumus Vision:

  • 71% would shop at a retailer more often if AR were offered
  • 61% prefer to shop at stores offering AR experiences
  • 40% are willing to pay more for products if AR is a part of the shopping experience

These statistics make it clear that modern consumers are eager for shopping experiences enhanced by AR. And while
two-thirds of retailers don’t currently use AR, you can expect this to change quickly as more information on the demand for the technology comes to light. That’s why leading retailers are investing in this technology now to get ahead of the curve.

How Scandit is Championing Retail Innovation

Amazon isn’t the only company making strides in the world of augmented reality. At Scandit, we specialize in developing advanced data capture solutions to enhance your enterprise. Our proprietary mobile image recognition and barcode scanning solutions allow retailers to superimpose graphics, animations and other virtual assets onto the screens of camera-equipped smart devices when a product barcode is scanned. With AR scanning, customers can obtain detailed information on products through visual AR overlays, including promotions, pricing, unique characteristics (such as gluten-free items) and more.

Scandit’s AR technology can also be used by employees to improve customer-facing and behind-the-scenes workflows. Retail associates can use Scandit-powered smart devices to quickly and accurately answer customer questions through barcode scanning and AR visuals, improving and simplifying customer service. Because our barcode scanning solutions can scan alphanumeric codes and barcodes at the same time, retailers can use them to verify prices as well, maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing state and local fines.

Warehouse staff benefit from Scandit’s AR solutions as well. Our Barcode Scanner SDK is equipped with MatrixScan, allowing users of camera-equipped smart devices to locate, track and decode multiple barcodes simultaneously. This technology also adds visual feedback to communicate which barcodes have been successfully scanned, increasing the accuracy of daily scanning operations. Warehouse employees can leverage the Barcode Scanner SDK to scan several crate, pallet and box barcodes at the same time, making it easy to find a specific SKU through a highlighted AR display. Retail staff can even harness our AR scanning solutions to mark flawed shipments and deliveries, fostering more efficient and streamlined operations.

Augment Your Enterprise With Scandit

Interested in refining your shopping experiences and daily retail workflows with augmented reality scanning? Then don’t hesitate to call or message Scandit today. Our team offers the tools and expertise to seamlessly implement AR technology into your business, positioning your enterprise for long-term success. You can also reach out to us for more information on the future of augmented reality. We’re always here to help.