How to Leverage the Scandit Partnership Network

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How to Leverage the Scandit Partnership Network

We are often approached by companies interested in leveraging smartphone-based scanning in their apps, but unsure of how to get started with Scandit. Our partners provide several solutions to this dilemma.

Let’s start with an example. Imagine I’m an established retailer, and I really want to engage my customers with a personalized shopping experience by creating a mobile shopping app. I decide that creating an app that provides product information, deals, and shopping functionality makes a lot of sense, and I want to provide a barcode scanning feature to give users an easy way to interact with products. What’s the next step?

Options for Creating a Custom App:

  1. Develop a mobile app for Android and/or iOS natively (from scratch)
  2. Use an app development tools to simplify the development process
  3. Hire a third-party app developer or systems integrator to build the app

Build Your Own

The first option is pretty straightforward. Just download our SDK and begin the integration process in a few simple steps.

Utilize an App Development Tool

The second option involves utilizing mobile development tools to speed up the app development process and ensure that you have a cross-platform presence for your app. Scandit’s partners provide everything that you need to get started. Each tool has its individual strengths, so we recommend taking a look at all of them before deciding which one is the best fit for you. Here are some options:

– Xamarin – Get Started or Get the Scandit Component
– Phonegap – Get Started or Get the Scandit Component
– Appcelerator – Get Started or Get the Scandit Component
– IBM Worklight – Get Started

Work with a Systems Integrator to Build Your App

As a third option, we’d be happy to put you in touch with one of our app development/systems integration partners who can build your app for you. Scandit has a network of partners that span the globe and have extensive vertical-specific experience developing mobile applications. Contact us at if you’re looking for a systems integrator or would like to join our network of partners.

Which option you choose will ultimately depend on available resources and your priorities. We’re constantly striving to improve the wide range of alternatives that enable our customers to benefit from our enterprise-grade barcode scanning technology, and we’re always here to help. Stay tuned for our partnership directory coming soon!

Blog post by Daniel Thalhammer, Scandit’s Head of Partnerships