New Keyboard Wedge Features Include a Software Keyboard Mode for Android Devices

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scandit keyboard wedge on android phone

Keyboard Wedge has been relaunched as Scandit Express – our next-generation offering that delivers improved performance, a revamped user experience and new advanced scanning modes.

The Scandit Keyboard Wedge on Android is now also available as a software keyboard. This means employees can now also scan in environments where remote desktop clients or terminal emulator applications are common, such as warehouse management or order entry systems.

The new keyboard mode enables users to configure the app to automatically submit a form via the enter key or switch to the next input with a Tab key. This saves one more step of manual data entry.

Selective barcode scanning with no integration required

The Keyboard Wedge now enables users to select and scan a single barcode when there are many barcodes appearing in a small space.

See in the video above how the smartphone’s built-in camera captures an image and highlights many barcodes in a small space using the MatrixScan functionality in the Keyboard Wedge app. The yellow highlight shows what happens when a user taps the barcode to be scanned. This functionality overcomes the challenges associated with trying to scan a single barcode where there are many codes.

Seeing all the barcodes highlighted on the screen at once with MatrixScan, tapping the barcode you want to scan, and pushing the data to a backend software platform with no integration required is a time-saving solution that eliminates the frustration of trying to scan single barcodes among many in a small place.

Scan driver’s license information into a native app with no integration required

scanning driver licence

The latest release of the Scandit Keyboard Wedge enables users to scan and read driver’s licenses. The Keyboard Wedge scans PDF417 codes (the codes on US driver’s licenses, for example) on the driving license and enables users to push all the information contained on it to a back-end software platform with no integration required. In cases where entering fields from a driving license to an existing software back-end is required, users can simply install the Keyboard Wedge application and immediately add barcode scanning to any application immediately and seamlessly.

About Keyboard Wedge

Scandit Keyboard Wedge is an app which runs in the background and adds a scanning button to the smart device keyboard without any need to integrate with an application you need to scan into.

Keyboard Wedge has been developed for enterprises that would like to add camera-based barcode scanning capabilities to enable their internal ERP, WMS and POS applications from enterprise software vendors such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, NetSuite and Salesforce to scan on smartphones or tablets. Scandit Keyboard Wedge saves users the sometimes impractical, time-consuming, and/or expensive process of having to integrate a barcode scanner SDK into a native app.

In addition to enabling the selection and scanning of a single barcode among many in a small space,  release 1.2 of the Keyboard Wedge enables scanning driver’s license information and features a new keyboard mode that automatically submits a form right after scanning a barcode.

Learn more about the Scandit Keyboard Wedge.

Install the new release of Keyboard Wedge today and start scanning barcodes immediately.