ReStore Improves Order Picking Capacity by 30% with Scandit

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ReStore Improves Order Picking Capacity by 30% with Scandit

Milan, July 8th, 2020Scandit, the leading technology platform for mobile computer vision and augmented reality (AR) solutions for enterprises, announces that it has been chosen by ReStore, a company specializing in e-commerce services for large and medium-scale retail in Italy, to provide smartphone scanning software. The project is designed to optimize the order picking process done by pickers, to increase the number of home shopping orders prepared and delivered, and boost customer satisfaction.

ReStore is a pioneer company in digital grocery in Italy and nearly 30% of the market uses the whitelabel eCommerce platform and the company’s digital marketing and data analysis services. ReStore also offers an online shopping service with options of pick-up at the point of sale, or home delivery, through a fleet of 100 order pickers operating throughout Italy. ReStore’s customers include Gruppo Végé, Pam Panorama, Coop Centro Italia and Despar.

“Before the Coronavirus outbreak, which put even the largest brands under pressure, we were already evaluating how to speed up the order picking process through a platform that could eliminate delays caused by the time taken to identify products,” says Barbara Labate, CEO of ReStore.

The order picking mobile app developed by ReStore uses advanced scanning features provided by Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK. The user experience is simple: when the picker logs into the app, s/he receives an order, which s/he can accept and start managing. The order shows a list of products that the picker collects and scans with the app, using Scandit’s barcode scanning software through the smartphone camera. As each item is scanned, it is removed from the shopping list on the app and added to the virtual shopping cart of that order, and the picker can proceed with the next step.

“The integration of Scandit functionality into our app was really easy and we had all the support we needed for the picker testing phase,” adds Barbara Labate. “In the future, we plan to apply this technology to our end-user consumer app as well.”

“ReStore likes to call itself a ‘digital enabler’ and it has been very exciting to work with a company that fully embraces innovation and the benefits that business can gain from computer vision technology. We look forward to continuing to support ReStore in their future plans to digitize the retail market,” says Maurizio Costa, Sales Manager Italy at Scandit.

The introduction of the new app has allowed ReStore to reduce errors, speed up operations and increase the capacity of its order picking service by 30%. The app is currently active in Umbria, Lombardy, Sicily and Veneto.

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