Scandit and Mercaux Partner to Improve Customers’ In-store Experience

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Mercaux and Scandit announce successful integration of mobile data capture engine into in-store digital platform in advance of NRF

San Francisco, CA and Zurich, Switzerland January 10, 2018 — Scandit, the leading developer of next-generation mobile data capture solutions based on computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning technologies, is partnering with Mercaux to transform the brick-and-mortar customer shopping experience with leading-edge in-store digital capabilities.

The Mercaux mobile platform enables retailers to provide a digital in-store experience; delivering the speed, convenience, and personalization of online into the hands of sales people and customers.

Scandit’s mobile data capture engine delivers barcode scanning functionality that, together with the Mercaux platform, allows store associates to offer customers real-time product information, endless aisle inventory access, personalized recommendations and offers, and the ability to both purchase goods online or in-store. The importance of this transformation is highlighted in a recent VDC Research study that suggests personalized customer engagement is a leading critical factor impacting retail business.

Recent data underscored the need for retailers to implement in-store technology that enables omnichannel capabilities. The 2018 Scandit Retail Consumer Survey indicates almost 60% of consumers consider having a large product selection as a top-three factor in choosing a brick-and-mortar retailer, while four in 10 report that when a product is out of stock they purchase it at a competing retailer’s store or website.

Mercaux and Scandit are announcing the partnership as retailers prepare to attend the annual NRF “Big Show” Conference & Exposition in New York, Jan. 14-16, 2018. Scandit will be exhibiting at booth #561 and Mercaux will be exhibiting at booth #438.

Olga Kotsur, Co-founder and CEO of Mercaux, said:
“Ease of use and data accuracy are key factors adopting in-store technology.”

“Integrating Scandit’s mobile barcode technology as a module in our platform allows us to ensure that
inventory check and product search in store are both seamless, and will be used across devices for quick and highly accurate scanning.”

“With real time stock availability, product suggestions, inspiring digital content, and access to inventory instore, across stores and online, Mercaux enables retailers to transform the shopping experience to meet the needs of modern customers.”

Samuel Mueller, co-founder and CEO of Scandit, commented on the partnership:
“Our technology is perfectly positioned for widespread use in the retail industry, which is already built around the barcode as the primary source of product information. Integrating Scandit’s mobile data capture capabilities into the Mercaux mobile retail platform will enable retailers to successfully compete with online giants entering the physical retail market space.”

“Customers are coming to stores expecting the same product availability and accessibility they receive online. Store associates will be able to connect shoppers with the goods they desire by simply scanning a barcode.”

About Mercaux:
Mercaux enables retailers to transform the customer shopping experience by bringing the benefits of digital into physical stores, delivering the speed, convenience, and personalization of online into the hands of sales people and customers.

Mercaux provides sales people and customers with full access to inventory (online and off), product catalogue, recommendations and alternatives, styling, looks and marketing content. Our Platform is fully transactional and able to capture customer data in-store.

Trusted by the companies like French Connection, KIKO Milano, L.K. Bennett and United Colours of
Benetton, Mercaux brings sales uplift of up to 14%, increases customer engagement and streamlines retail operations. For more information visit

About Scandit
At Scandit, we are helping business users and consumers to augment the physical world with relevant digital information in real time through barcodes, images and other visual identifiers captured with smart devices such as smartphones, wearables, drones, and robots.

With our next-generation mobile data capture platform built on proprietary computer vision, machine learning and augmented reality, we enable businesses to unlock previously unavailable levels of insights into enterprise processes and workflows, resulting in more efficient decisions, more effective employees, lower cost and more satisfied customers and clients.

Don’t just take our word for it. Many of the world’s most innovative and successful companies are already reaping the benefits of Scandit’s next-generation mobile data capture platform. Our clients include Ahold, dm, Coop, Macys, Louis Vuitton, DHL, Cardinal Health, NASA and Verizon Wireless.

For more information about Scandit visit For more information about how Scandit’s mobile data capture platform enables retailers to redefine and reinvent the retail experience visit /industries/retail/.