Scandit’s End-to-End Order Fulfillment Solution: What You Need to Know

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Scandit’s End-to-End Order Fulfillment Solution: What You Need to Know

Flexible, integrated, and cost-effective. In-store order fulfillment systems will need these attributes to keep up with the surge in e-commerce.

So Scandit has launched its first end-to-solution for retailers*. It will guide you through the process of building an in-store order fulfillment system with smart devices.

There’s a lot to unpack here and you may well have questions.

To help you, we will cover:

  • What we are launching and why.
  • How we’ll work across your entire development process from start to finish.
  • Why you’ll bring a finished product to market faster.

What our end-to-end solution entails

We will assist you through the entire development process – from migrating to post-launch support. Scandit will even give you a ready-made app to test in-store.

You will take advantage of the lessons we learned from working with 100s of retailers. If there’s a problem with integration or testing, the chances are we’ve dealt with it before.

Why we are launching it

The surge in online orders in early 2020 forced retailers to adapt their in-store order fulfillment. One common solution was to outsource it to third-party suppliers.

However, many have realized outsourcing comes with drawbacks. Recent Scandit research found 62% of US retail executives felt it lessened the store’s connection with the customer.

Taking it in-house is not enough. In-store order fulfillment – whether its home delivery or BOPIS – needs to be more efficient and cost effective.

What you get with our end-to-end solution

We believe the best way to achieve this is with smart devices using our Smart Data Capture technology.

But building the systems and applications can be challenging, especially when integrating them into the wider operation.

Questions you may have:

We are concerned about switching to camera-equipped smart devices for operational tasks like order picking. Can you help us with this?

We’ll make an analysis of your current setup and the migration of your code base to camera-based smart data capture. You’ll also have access to our specialist technical engineers and solutions experts.

It would be great to test an application first and get feedback from our store associates before we started building. Is that possible?

No problem. We’ve spent months working on a production-ready application that you can deploy out of the box. Or you can have access to the source code and customize it as you like.

This would be the first time we’ve switched away from dedicated devices. Can you help us select the right hardware?

Not only can we help you select the right hardware based on your budget and business goals. We can also provide a full product stack that includes devices, accessories, smart data capture, mobile apps, integration support into common order fulfillment systems, migration package to camera based scanning, and tailored Enterprise-Level Success.

Can you help with wiring a brand new application into our existing infrastructure?

We have core samples, detailed guides and a full migration package will keep you on the right integration path. Integrating with legacy systems can be difficult. But if there’s a problem, the chances are we’ve seen it before.

Things are continually changing. Can you help us future proof our application?

Scandit will give you access to our entire Smart Data Capture platform. You can add in augmented reality, MatrixScan (to scan multiple items at once), and ID scanning (for age restricted products). You could even give pickers access to ShelfView, our latest product that literally knows where everything is in the store.

Bring your order fulfillment systems up to speed

Digitally sophisticated retailers are investing in omnichannel opportunities and systems. While consumer use of e-commerce is only likely to increase.

Physical stores are now central to a retailer’s e-commerce fulfillment strategy.

Here are some findings from our recent research – conducted by VDC – into US in-store order fulfillment.

More customers are shopping online

51% of organizations said demand for omnichannel services, like BOPIS and Curbside Pickup, remained at peak ‘early Covid’ levels, while 46% said it had actually increased.

Limited scanning device availability is among the top challenges

Logistics and inventory visibility, managing staff requirements to respond to the increase in orders, and limited availability of mobile scanning devices are among the biggest challenges for retailers.

Remove the roadblocks to your order fulfillment app the easy way

Make your in-store order fulfillment more efficient, cost effective. Giving smart devices – equipped with Scandit’s Smart Data Capture technology – to your store associates is the best way to do it.

We will take the pain out of the development process and help you do this quickly and effectively.

Interested in finding out more? Get in touch with our team where we will take you through the complete process.

* Currently only available in the US and Canada.