Scandit Keyboard Wedge 1.1 Supports More Customization Options and Easier Deployment

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Scandit Keyboard Wedge 1.1 Supports More Customization Options and Easier Deployment

Scandit has released the latest version of our Keyboard Wedge for iOS, Android and Windows. Scandit Keyboard Wedge 1.1 expands the criteria users can place on barcode acceptance, and adds a MatrixScan AR feedback feature to enable more comprehensive scan results.

Upgrade soon and take advantage of improved performance and a more robust feature set. Here are some highlighted features from the new version.

Users can now specify more advanced criteria about what barcodes are accepted, e.g. “only accept codes starting with 0001.” This enables more customized scan configurations. Barcodes which are recognized but do not fulfil the criteria are highlighted with a MatrixScan augmented reality (AR) graphical display to show that they have been recognized but rejected. Users can now add logic to their scan results, such as trimming or appending to the scan result, enabling them to perform actions such as:

  • Trim or append digits of a barcode (“remove the first two digits if the code starts with 00”).
  • Convert GS1 DataBars to EAN/UPC values.
  • Remove the checksum from product barcodes if the warehouse management system does not expect them.


Deployment via an Existing MDM System
If you are using a mobile device management (MDM) system, such as SOTI, MobileIron, VMWare, or Airwatch, you can now deploy scanner configurations to all your devices via your existing system. No more manual setup by the user is required.

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