Scandit Keyboard Wedge Facilitates Barcode Scanning in Any App

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Keyboard Wedge has been relaunched as Scandit Express – our next-generation offering that delivers improved performance, a revamped user experience and new advanced scanning modes.

 Scandit is releasing a new scanning application called Keyboard Wedge for Android, iOS and Windows. Keyboard Wedge enables companies in retail, logistics and beyond to add enterprise-grade barcode scanning to any application without additional development or integration effort.

Keyboard Wedge is an alternative app-based solution that makes Scandit’s smartphone/tablet camera-based scanning  engine available without integration into existing apps. This enables internal applications from software vendors such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, NetSuite and Salesforce to scan on smartphones or tablets. In some instances, organizations may not be able to integrate barcode scanning functionality directly into a third-party enterprise app.

Keyboard Wedge offers a customizable scanning experience. Users can scan multiple barcodes at once , or only scan certain barcodes. On an Android device, users can scan barcode data into multiple input fields at once. The application is remotely configurable for convenient management of large deployments, and distribution and scanner configuration can be managed through any mobile device management (MDM) solution.

As a result of Keyboard Wedge’s flexibility and customizability, organizations can deploy barcode scanning at any point in the enterprise without integration concerns. Keyboard Wedge also enables companies to test out barcode scanning for specific use cases without making any changes to app coding or investing in extra development. Now any app can quickly and easily become a scanning app, when and where needed.

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