Scandit Launches ID Bolt for Fast, Accurate and Secure ID Scanning Workflows

New offering provides an intuitive consumer experience, with convenient device handover capability, requiring minimal developer integration

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Scandit Launches ID Bolt for Fast, Accurate and Secure ID Scanning Workflows

Zurich, Switzerland, May 29th, 2024Scandit, the leader in smart data capture, today released ID Bolt – a pre-built ID scanning workflow that seamlessly integrates into any website allowing users to scan their identity documentation in just one second to auto-populate required information. ID Bolt works on-device, via desktop and mobile in a unified solution, ensuring no identity information is collected by third-party servers and reduces latency for quick scanning performance.

ID Bolt streamlines consumer workflows including travel booking and online check-in by capturing relevant passport information, providing driver’s licence information to a car rental prior to vehicle pick up, and verifying e-commerce purchases for age-restricted goods when customers need to prove their age.

Many of these tasks are being shifted onto consumers. Although this is intended to increase efficiency and decrease operational costs, it risks compromising the customer experience if the self-service process is complicated, not automated or sufficiently user-friendly. For businesses, it can cause significant issues, including compliance risks, if information is incorrectly entered via manual data entry.

Easily integrated, frictionless and secure-by-design

ID Bolt offers a ready-to-go solution which can be integrated with just a few lines of code for fast and accurate scanning. It can quickly be inserted into any existing consumer workflow, minimizing development costs and saving IT teams precious time that is normally spent on testing and design. Scandit’s ID scanning software provides a high accuracy rate, of up to 100%*, on common identity documents including passports and drivers’ licences in just one second.

Designed for occasional and first-time users such as travelers, an intuitive user experience (UX) is crucial to reduce friction. Businesses can benefit from Scandit’s wealth of experience in ID scanning workflows via a seamless UX leading to increased adoption by end-users. ID Bolt also introduces device handover capabilities enabling users to temporarily activate their smartphones as ID scanners for better ergonomics and speed when using desktop devices, for example, when checking into a flight or booking a car rental.

Businesses, and their customers, will also have peace of mind when it comes to data privacy. Scandit does not store or share personally identifiable information (PII) and on-device processing ensures ID Bolt can run without third party access to PII providing a better user experience with quick response times when scanning IDs. Even when using the device handover feature, the communication between both devices is end-to-end encrypted, meaning Scandit doesn’t access any PII in transfer.

Christian Floerkemeier, CTO and co-founder at Scandit, commented; “By giving consumers the ability to securely scan IDs themselves, businesses will benefit from increased operational efficiency and, crucially, an enhanced customer experience for these essential tasks. ID Bolt offers a solution where just a few lines of code can give any website or booking tool an accurate and intuitive ID scanning capability without needing to invest in significant development time.”

For more information on ID Bolt, visit here.

*100% for PDF417 barcodes (US and Canadian driver’s licences and state IDs), 98% for machine readable zones (passports and EU IDs) and over 95% for visual inspection zones (front of ID cards and driver’s licences).


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