Scandit Partner Spotlight: New Black

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Scandit’s partner ecosystem is designed around the principle that we should put our customers’ needs and requirements at the forefront of our partner strategy.

Each quarter, we’ll be focussing a spotlight on one of our partners, letting them describe themselves and what they do.

Here New Black, one of our ISV Partners, share how they are helping retailers adapt and thrive with their technology-agnostic Unified Commerce Platform.

How would you describe your company in just a few sentences?

We are just a bunch of NERDS, transforming the world of (e)commerce with our truly unique Unified Commerce Platform. It’s called EVA, a creation of an Ultra-modern, highly adaptive and technology agnostic eco-system. Our purpose is to help international brands and retailers become adaptive to change.

What are your company’s core competencies?

New Black has developed a Unified Commerce Platform, Order Management System that supports next level order orchestration, full (m)POS, and Global Compliance.

New Black helps retailers with a Unified Commerce Platform that unifies their commerce. It helps simplify complex retail operations in the field of fiscalization, logistics and customer experience with out of the box solutions. These include:

  • Clienteling
  • Companions app
  • Ship from store
  • Click & collect and a multitude of other features

All from the vision that real time contextual data is the driver of your retail operation.

Do you have a vertical/industry focus?

Our purpose is to help global operation brands and retailers to become adaptive to change. 

We mainly focus on: Footwear, Fashion, Cosmetics, Jewelry, Sporting Goods, Optics and Juvenile (baby).

Do you have a geographical focus?

We operate globally, so we don’t have a geographical focus. But we primarily focus on Europe, Americas & APAC.

Why are you excited about working with Scandit?

We are both technology driven companies who have a best-in-class technology mindset.

Working closely together brings solutions to the market that most retailers haven’t thought of yet. We are also part of the Global Unified Commerce team, an ecosystem bringing together Scandit, adyen, CGI, Deloitte, Deloitte T & L, and New Black. With this collected wealth of industry expertise, it really allows us to reinvigorate how our customers do business.