Stop Typing and Start Scanning with Keyboard Wedge – No App Changes Needed

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Stop Typing and Start Scanning with Keyboard Wedge - No App Changes Needed

Keyboard Wedge has been relaunched as Scandit Express – our next-generation offering that delivers improved performance, a revamped user experience and new advanced scanning modes.

Ensuring that your employees are working with accurate data remains a critically important part of running efficient day-to-day operations for any enterprise. If your data capture process is time-consuming and manual, such as forcing staff to repeatedly type detailed codes and numbers into an app or workflow, delay and human error can creep in. Any delay could result in an inability to get timely, actionable business intelligence or worse – wrong information leading to bad decisions. 

Many businesses have turned to computer vision to transform data capture processes. With the right software, any camera-enabled smart device can be turned into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner, bringing speed, flexibility and accuracy to business workflows. Rather than manually typing in data, employees can instead use an everyday smartphone to scan a barcode on a product, asset or document to have the associated data uploaded to the workflow. Employee satisfaction and efficiency is improved, human error reduced and the data in your systems more up-to-date and actionable. 

Today, we’ll introduce you to the Scandit Keyboard Wedge, a turnkey solution for enterprises who want to quickly and easily add barcode scanning to an existing app, such as third party provided apps like Salesforce One or Oracle XStore, that can’t easily be changed. No integration is required and there is no need to make changes to the app. We’ll explain how it works and give you some insight into how one Scandit customer is using the solution combined with a Salesforce platform to create a dramatically more efficient asset tracking system. We will also show you how easy it is to get started with Scandit’s Keyboard Wedge – stop typing and start scanning in no time! 

Keyboard Wedge  – a Turnkey Option to Get Scanning

A user can simply download the Scandit Keyboard Wedge application and turn their smart device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner that can send data directly to internal 3rd-party apps.  It adds a simple barcode scanning button to the keyboard on a smart device. Users just open the keyboard and touch the scan button to capture data within the app. Besides the obvious convenience of not having to manage a physical connection, the Scandit Keyboard Wedge solution enables users to scan barcode details into apps that can’t easily be changed. The short video below shows exactly how it works:

How is Scandit’s Keyboard Wedge Typically Used?

Companies in retail, logistics and beyond can add barcode scanning to any application without additional development or integration effort with Scandit Keyboard Wedge. This alternative app-based solution makes Scandit’s smartphone/tablet camera-based scanning engine available without the need to integrate it into existing apps. This enables internal applications from software vendors such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, NetSuite and Salesforce to scan on smartphones or tablets. 

Scandit Keyboard Wedge offers a customizable scanning experience, offering enterprise grade scan performance that scans any barcode in any condition, at a wide range of angles and in a wide range of distances. The application is remotely configurable for convenient management of large deployments, and distribution and scanner configuration can be managed through any mobile device management (MDM) solution. 

As a result of Scandit Keyboard Wedge’s flexibility and customizability, organizations can deploy barcode scanning at any point across a business and in any workflow, without integration concerns. The solution also enables companies to test out barcode scanning for specific use cases such as asset management, inventory management, and information retrieval without making any changes to app coding or investing in extra development. Now any app can quickly and easily become a scanning app, when and where needed.

Customer Spotlight: Oakland Unified School District

The Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) uses a Salesforce platform to connect their data, systems and stakeholders and needed a way to track assets efficiently without making any changes to their mobile asset tracking app. They chose the Scandit Keyboard Wedge to provide a solution. 

Every year, OUSD distributes thousands of boxes of course material from a central warehouse to individual classrooms. OUSD staff use their own smartphones equipped with the Scandit Keyboard Wedge solution and the mobile Salesforce app to track the individual boxes of material and record the data in the Salesforce app without any in-depth development work. When it’s time to collect the course material and return it to the warehouse, employees simply scan each box and load it back on the truck to the warehouse, knowing that the whereabouts of the material has been tracked successfully by the Scandit-powered app.  

Prior to implementing this solution, teachers in each classroom were required to manually record the unique identifier of each box of course material when it was delivered to and returned from the central warehouse.  The Scandit Keyboard Wedge combined with the Salesforce tracking app saves over 500 hours per year of staff time across 54 schools. In addition, since the OUSD staff are using their own smartphones, the District avoids the substantial hardware and maintenance costs normally associated with a mobile asset tracking solution. 

Start Scanning Today with Scandit Keyboard Wedge

The best way to get started with the Scandit Keyboard Wedge is to get a demo app. Once you have downloaded the demo you can begin scanning many different barcodes and symbologies immediately and envisaging how the solution can positively impact your workflows.

You may also request a two-week trial of the Scandit Keyboard Wedge and add a barcode scanning button immediately to the keyboard on your smart device. See how rather than typing detailed codes and numbers into an app or workflow, you simply scan barcodes and capture the data without manual error, much faster than typing and enter it into any application. 

If you have specific questions you may also contact a Scandit solutions executive and learn more about the functionality of the Scandit Keyboard Wedge.