Enhancing CPG DSD Revenue: 5 Ways Rugged Smartphone Scanning Leads

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Enhancing CPG DSD Revenue: 5 Ways Rugged Smartphone Scanning Leads

There’s a new reality dawning on CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) manufacturers. In recent times, they’ve had to come to terms with disruptions to the entire supply chain following marked shifts and rapidly escalating manufacturing costs.

From operational issues relating to changing consumer preferences around product categories and channel preferences, to inflation and increasing costs, CPGs have a lot to contend with. As a result, they find themselves having to rethink route-to-market capabilities, specifically with Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations.

This blog details how CPG manufacturers can reinvent DSD operations by capitalizing on smartphone scanning. We’ve highlighted below five key benefits that smart data capture technology on smart devices offer CPGs – enabling them to effectively execute a successful Direct Store Delivery strategy, keep B2B customers happy with enhanced performance, and significantly lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

1. Optimized Unloading and Proof of Delivery with Enterprise-Grade Scanning

Fast, high-performance, enterprise level smartphones offer CPGs a definite advantage over pen and paper-based operations and legacy barcode scanners for direct store delivery operations. Scanning-enabled smartphone apps digitalize CPG operations, eliminate manual errors, and improve driver efficiency and productivity when delivering goods to retail customers.

When drivers accurately deliver goods, CPG businesses reduce costs and avoid retailer fines associated with incorrect deliveries whilst also speedily responding to customer requests.

See how smartphone scanning enhances driver productivity to optimize DSD operations in the video below.

2. Reduced TCO by Migrating Away from Traditional Dedicated Scanners

Ruggedized smartphones are specifically designed to offer durability in extreme environments and inclement weather conditions. Scandit-powered smart devices scan seamlessly in challenging situations – not only matching the scan speed and accuracy of traditional handheld barcode scanners, but often outperforming them.

CPGs that equip delivery drivers with expensive dedicated scanners will discover that migrating to ruggedized smartphone scanning apps running on Android or iOS platforms provides the perfect balance between price and performance.

When you factor in how many of our drivers already use personal Samsung devices and have a high degree of comfort with them, as well as compare them to expensive, legacy handheld devices from a total cost of ownership (TCO) perspective, the decision to run Scandit’s scanning app on Samsung phones became obvious.

David Bauer, Operations Management Manager, Plzeňský Prazdroj.

The cost of ruggedized smartphones powered by Scandit Smart Data Capture is usually 3x lower than dedicated scanners. This drastically reduces TCO, enhancing performance and profits owing to decreased device costs, and lower labor expenditure associated with direct store delivery.

3. Faster Deliveries with High-Performing, Durable Devices

Ruggedized smartphones are on par with rugged dedicated scanners when it comes to drop resistance and sealing specifications. These devices are also resistant to rain, snow, dust, temperature and altitude, as well as to damage due to slippage on hard floors.

This was the case for Scandit customer Pilsner Urquell’s Direct Store Delivery Operations. Delivery drivers at Pilsner Urquell, which is the Czech Republic’s largest beer producer, used a ruggedized Scandit-powered smartphone to eliminate errors and enhance productivity of their lager distribution operations.

When equipped with Scandit Smart Data Capture, ruggedized smartphones provide:

  • Enterprise-grade scanning performance even in harsh environments and tough working conditions such as on damaged barcodes, at difficult angles, in low light, and more.
  • 12,000 scans in a single battery charge, with a scan every two seconds.
  • A portfolio of technologies within a single device for the same price. This compares better than dedicated devices, which are designed for specific requirements and are typically tied into a single application.

4. Improved User Experience Raises Productivity and Service Levels

As CPG delivery drivers grapple to balance working multiple devices, smartphones are perfectly positioned to replace them. Thus ensuring an increase in savings via a single, cost-effective solution that streamlines direct store delivery operations.
Additionally, driver onboarding and retention is easy with familiar smartphones since they already use it in their personal lives. While training on purpose-built devices that drivers would otherwise never want to use is no longer required.


of leaders say technology investments have led to gains in productivity.

Source: Celerity

Scanning-enabled apps enable real-time inventory visibility, faster workflows and higher driver productivity with continuous scanning, which offers greater speed and efficiency for high volume scanning. Moreover, Scandit’s innovative MatrixScan AR scans multiple barcodes in a single sequence, and also offers real-time augmented reality feedback.

These smart data capture solutions allow CPGs to further improve customer service levels – get more orders out the door faster and accurately and meet or exceed customer expectations for delivery times, especially during peak season or for large orders.

5. Scalability with a Versatile, Future-Proof Solution

Ruggedized smartphones provide additional value-added capabilities beyond scanning, offering versatility compared to a dedicated device. For instance, delivery drivers benefit from improved user experiences as they can capture photos or video with their smartphone camera; connect to Wi-Fi networks; access ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) or WMS (Warehouse Management System) applications; and synchronize data instantly through the cloud.

Watch the video below to learn how Scandit smart data capture enables drivers to easily and speedily complete any delivery.

CPGs must consider future-proof technology investments that meet ROI metrics and support the wider business objectives over the long term. Scandit’s robust and reliable smart data capture platform enables CPGs to meet surges in demand and consumer expectations, by combining enterprise-grade support with the reassurance of a long-term partnership.

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