Scan the Product and Read the Review

People love researching products while shopping online. With Scandit they can do this in the store, with one simple scan.

More Information = More Likely to Buy

People are 2.7 times more likely to buy when they read a positive review* online. Now, this can be done in the store with Scandit’s Product Information Lookup enabled on your store’s smartphone app. With it, the customer just needs to scan the product barcode, and information and reviews will be displayed onscreen.


More Product Information from a Simple Scan

Informed purchasing decisions are easy to make with Scandit’s barcode scanning technology. Smartphone apps enabled with Product Information Lookup overlay information on the device’s screen with augmented reality. All the customer has to do is scan the product’s barcode with the phone’s camera.

Uses include product upsells, nutritional information and product reviews:

Product upsells
Nutritional information

Product Information Lookup is also backed by Scandit’s high-performance barcode scanner SDK. So your customer will not miss a scan.

Previously, any product information shown in store was restricted to the packaging and printed point of sale. Now retailers can easily display it on a customer’s smartphone – like online but in real life – with a simple barcode scan. So by providing extra detail you can increase conversions.

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Product reviews
Product reviews

How Augmented Reality Can Transform a Store Journey

Scandit’s high-performance barcode scanning technology has a hidden superpower: augmented reality (AR).

Want to check the ingredients? Or find personalized offers? See this infographic to see how AR transforms a customer’s in-store experience as they use it on their shopping mission.

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Upgrading Smartphones into Enterprise-Grade Scanners

What we do – Scandit’s barcode scanning technology brings mobile computer vision to your application, turning even a basic smartphone into a sophisticated high-performance scanning device.

What this means for you – with it, your app will deliver unequaled barcode scanning, text recognition, image recognition, and augmented reality, both for your customers and employees.

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camera capabilities

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