Keyboard Wedge

A turnkey solution that adds a keyboard wedge barcode scanner button to a smart device keyboard.

Add Smart Data Capture to Your Existing Applications, Immediately

Download the Keyboard Wedge application, enable it, and turn a smart device into an enterprise-grade barcode scanner – compatible with all of your existing applications. Simply touch the scan button to scan and capture barcode details into apps that – without the need for an expensive integration project. It works with all internal 3rd-party apps such as Salesforce One or Oracle XStore, websites or web applications.

Scandit Keyboard Wedge

Stop Typing and Start Scanning

Rather than typing detailed codes and numbers into an app or workflow, employees can use the keyboard wedge scanner instead. It’s much faster than typing, reduces manual errors and can work with any application.

Typical Uses

  • Enterprises looking for an easy way to integrate barcode scanning with an existing (native) app provided by a third party – without making changes to the app
  • Smartphone OEMs who want to ship an integrated solution which includes barcode scanning for any app
  • Straightforward way to add barcode scanning to Windows tablets or desktops

Enterprise-Grade Performance

We use our leading Smart Data Capture software to instantly recognize and read barcodes. In testing by our customers, Scandit software consistently out-performs other solutions for speed and accuracy, even on low-end devices that lack autofocus, and in difficult conditions:

  • Low light and shadows
  • Glare and reflections
  • Awkward angles
  • Varying distances
  • Blurry barcodes
  • Damaged barcodes
  • Tiny barcodes
  • Barcodes in motion
  • Batch scanning with MatrixScan
  • Low resolution cameras

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Cross-Platform for Maximum Reach

Our patented software works on a variety of platforms including:

  • iOS
  • Android

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Support for All Major
Barcode Types

We support a wide variety of 1D and 2D symbologies, from QR and UPC codes to Code 39. Scandit is the preferred mobile barcode scan technology provider of GS1, the international standards body for barcodes.

Empower your business with Scandit Smart Data Capture.

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