Mobile Order Entry

Mobilize order entry with Scandit’s data capture solutions and enable your customers to use their smartphones to place orders directly by scanning codes on products or catalogue pages.

Why Mobile Order Entry?

Scandit mobile computer vision software enables your enterprise to offer mobile order entry on smart devices and ensure seamless fulfillment. Using a smart device and product catalog, users can order the items they need in real-time, supporting greater customer loyalty and encouraging higher order frequency. This solution also guarantees that orders are entered, processed and delivered accurately, reducing costly errors and overall labor costs.

Increase Order Frequency

Customers can easily order from you any time with just a product catalog and a user-friendly mobile app.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Reliable, simple app-based mobile order entry improves the buying and fulfillment process.

Eliminate Errors, Cut Labor Costs

Orders can be entered, picked and delivered to customers with no additional steps, mitigating labor requirements and human error.

Did You Know...

According to a survey conducted by the Association for Information and Image Management, 46% of respondents said removal of paper has been the biggest single productivity improvement for most of their business processes.

Why Scandit?

Easy, Fast Scanning Process

Scandit software accurately frames and quickly scans codes at any angle, at a wide range of distances and in all lighting conditions, facilitating fast, error-free order entry.

Augments Traditional Scanners

Dedicated scanner users can add smart devices equipped with Scandit software to an existing order entry solution, creating even greater data capture capacity.

Unprecedented Ordering Flexibility

Superior barcode scanning and text recognition functionality make it flexible and convenient for customers to use a Scandit-powered order entry app on their smartphone or wearable to place orders.

Scandit Products for Mobile Order Entry

Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate enterprise-grade barcode scanning into your mobile order entry app using our Barcode Scanner SDK for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. This innovative technology enables any camera-equipped device to track, locate and decode multiple barcodes simultaneously, bringing unrivaled efficiency to your data capture procedures. Barcode Scanner SDK utilizes state-of-the-art decode image and text recognition algorithms to accurately read barcodes in any condition—regardless of wear, tear or blurriness—delivering consistency and convenience for customers and employees alike.

SDK for the Web

The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web delivers all of Scandit’s scanning technology to your HTML website or web application – no mobile app needed. Users can integrate barcode scanning into e-commerce platforms such as SAP Hybris and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Simply download the Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web and host it on your own web server. 

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