Mobilize Order Picking Operations in your Warehouse

Picking Explained

Increase Pick Rate

An order picking solution will increase your pick rate, which measures the rate of inventory processed.

Provide Same Day Shipment

Customer’s expect companies to provide same day shipment, putting a greater emphasis on reducing cycle times.

Deploy Latest Picking Technology

Technologies used to enhance picking accuracy include pick-to-light systems, counting scales, and mobile barcode scanners.


Business Impact

Increased Productivity

Order picking solutions improve warehouse productivity, usually in the form of reducing the travel time for orders.

Reduced Cycle Time

Reduce cycle times from days to hours or minutes by implementing a warehouse barcode picking solution.

Improved Accuracy

In setting up a warehouse, the efficiency of your picking operations will have a great impact on accuracy.

The Problem

For many companies, tracking assets across the organization is a difficult, fragmented and manual process involving lots of paper and spreadsheets. Some other organizations utilize outdated and expensive dedicated barcode scanning hardware with legacy asset tracking apps running on Windows CE. That is quickly changing as smartphones and other mobile devices are increasingly being utilized in enterprises. Some companies who already employ dedicated barcode scanning hardware are finding that commonly used Windows CE-based mobile computers have a high TCO (total cost of ownership), while only providing a fraction of the feature set available on smartphones.

The Solution

By providing employees with a user-friendly, branded smartphone application that allows them to easily scan and track asset data on the fly, you can streamline asset management across your organization. The built-in, camera-based barcode scanner delivers enterprise-grade scanning performance and greater functionality at a fraction of the cost of dedicated barcode scanning devices.

Companies can utilize Scandit’s Flow solution to quickly deploy a mobile asset tracking app. Another option is to build the app yourself, and add our Barcode Scanner SDK to streamline order entry through enterprise-grade barcode scanning functionality.

Scandit Products for Order Picking

Scandit Case

Replicate a traditional scanning experience without the need for additional electronic components, all while protecting your smartphone using our new, ergonomic accessory.

Barcode Scanner SDK

Building your own mobile app? Our award-winning Barcode Scanner SDK transforms smartphones, tablets and wearable devices into enterprise-grade barcode scanning and data capture tools for consumers and employees.

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