10 Reasons Scandit Smart Data Capture is Elevating Retail Operations

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Top retailers are now using Scandit Smart Data Capture as a competitive edge. Improving their in-store operations and customer experience in one go. Including 4 of the top 5 European retailers, 8 of the top 10 US Grocers and 6 of the top 10 luxury and premium brand retailers.

But why?

Smart data capture is all about capturing data intelligently from barcodes, text, IDs and objects for real-time decision-making and task automation. For retail, the humble barcode is key.

Most retail relies on scanning them at some point. Both for associates doing tasks and customers shopping. Although the barcode hasn’t changed, what you can do with them certainly has.

And our technology is making a big difference in two areas:

  • Unmatched scanning performance unburdens associates from repetitive tasks.
  • Useful insights at the point of data capture help users make better decisions.

Sprinkle in a little bit of magic from our expert development and support teams to help with integration and rollout and you have a winning formula.

Here are the 10 reasons why Scandit Smart Data Capture is leveling up retail operations.

Fastest scanning speed

You can scan 480 barcodes in a minute. While that is unlikely to be achieved in a real-world setting, it’s what is possible with us. When fulfilling orders or managing inventory and speed is what you need, it is there. Our advanced computer vision algorithms make use of the video feed to capture a code as soon as it is visible.

Multiple barcode scanning

You can capture data from multiple barcodes at once. Combined with augmented reality (AR) overlays that give immediate feedback, users can perform tasks much faster. For example, an associate scanning an entire shelf to find the right item to pick.

Multiple barcode counting

Not only can you scan multiple barcodes, but you can count them too. Making receiving goods and inventory counting 10x faster and error-proof. Saving associates from tedious manual and single counting and allowing them to focus on other more value-adding tasks.

Support for over 20,000 device types

Either in a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) store operations environment or when dealing with customers, making sure that your associates get top performance, regardless of the device, is huge. It opens the door for anyone to come and work, especially during the seasonal peak. It also means that all your customers get the same seamless scanning experience when using customer apps in the store.

AR capability

The use of augmented reality overlay is big in retail. Both for customers and associates. With Scandit, you get to use a broad range of AR for better decision-making. From product information and personalized rewards for customers to workflow assistance and stock visibility for associates.

AR being used by a customer to access product reviews

Scanning in difficult conditions

Harsh light, tough angles and damaged barcodes can all add delay and frustration to associates and customers when they are trying to get on with their tasks or their shopping. User studies confirm that Scandit-powered mobile apps significantly outperform other scanning software solutions on any device under any condition with any barcode.

scanning tiny codes is no problem for Scandit

Easy integration

With Scandit’s smart keyboard wedge scanner, Scandit Express, you can add smart data capture to existing apps immediately. No coding or changes are required. Some of our other products also come with an ‘out-of-the-box’ user interface (UI) which makes integration and rollout super fast and helps save on IT resources.

The most intuitive scanning interface

We spent over 6 months designing and testing an ergonomic smartphone scanner. Our customers were spending time optimizing the UI of their store operations scanning apps for their associates so we listened to feedback and built one for you. It’s called SparkScan and it makes light work of scan-heavy tasks.

ID scanning

It isn’t just barcodes that we major on. We can scan objects, text and IDs too. But when it comes to IDs, we can extract and verify data from over 2000 IDs at unmatched speed. Meaning you can automate verification for age-restricted goods and make loyalty sign-ups and order pickups hassle-free.

Scanning drivers license

Enterprise support

We have your back. From evaluation to operation, we partner with you to ensure enterprise-level success. So you can be confident that your project is going to get the support it needs to ensure results.

The documentation is good, the support has been fantastic and the willingness to engage on our journey with us to achieve our ambitions has been there throughout. From a technology perspective, it just worked.

Paul Cooper, Head of Technology

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All this adds up to better experiences for associates and customers across a wide variety of retail situations that drive efficiency and loyalty.

We pride ourselves on helping our customers achieve their goals.

Read here about how we can help you level up and deliver business results you can measure.