The 2023 Smart Data Capture Awards: Meet the Winners

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The 2023 Smart Data Capture Awards: Meet the Winners

Every day, thousands of businesses across the world depend on smart data capture technology across their global operations. Amongst this group are some pioneering enterprises that are creating differentiated customer and employee experiences, setting in motion exciting smart data capture use cases and, ultimately, achieving incredible business outcomes worthy of praise.

With that thought in mind, aiming to celebrate organizations and individuals who have demonstrated truly transformational use of smart data capture technology, we are delighted to share the winners of the 2023 Scandit Smart Data Capture Innovation Leadership Awards!

The categories of the 2023 Smart Data Capture Awards

Throughout 2023, our customers have submitted entries to the Smart Data Capture Awards, detailing their digital transformation projects aided by smart data capture technology. Whatever the sector, geography or business size, our expert judging panel assessed them on various criteria and ultimately the impact on the business, customers and/or workers. We are delighted to have presented the following regional awards in the Americas, EMEA and APAC, respectively:

  • Customer Experience of the Year: Enterprises that have created innovative and differentiated customer experiences with Scandit Smart Data Capture, demonstrating a measurable impact on sales or satisfaction
  • Operational Excellence of the Year: Enterprises who have demonstrated the ability to drive significant operational changes, at least in part enabled by Scandit, with a tangible impact on business outcomes or employee experiences
  • Innovation of the Year: Enterprises from any industry who have pioneered impactful change with an innovative use case involving smart data capture technology and seen a measurable impact on their business
  • SMB Transformation of the Year: Small and medium-sized businesses that have driven transformational change with Scandit, achieving a measurable impact on their operations and/or customer experiences

But that’s not all! To crown global impact based on the same criteria, we announced the following global awards:

  • Everyday Superhero(es) of the Year: People going above and beyond to make a positive impact on the business, customers and colleagues, supported by Scandit technology
  • Collaboration of the Year: Exceptional collaboration with Scandit in successful projects, from joint innovation and design workshops to providing valuable insights to help enhance Scandit solutions
  • Positive Impact of the Year: Businesses that have used Scandit technology to make a positive impact on the world through a social, health or environmental purpose
  • Global Champion of the Year: Chosen from the winners of the regional awards, these are the best-in-class businesses that have driven transformational change in their organizations with Scandit

And without further ado, some of the 2023 Smart Data Capture Innovation Leadership Awards winners are…

Customer Experience of the Year

Americas Winner: One of the largest retailers in the US

Congratulations to an organization that delivers a best-in-class customer experience to its shoppers at over 2,700 grocery retail stores across the United States!

The retailer has been successfully using Scandit Smart Data Capture in its consumer applications, offering a convenient, fast and simple shopping method via self-scanning. The grocer has seen an increase in basket size, whilst allowing customers to scan and save.

Congratulations also to U-Haul (2nd place) and Meijer (3rd place).

EMEA Winner: One of the largest retailers in Estonia

Congratulations to the first Estonian retailer to implement mobile self-scanning!

The retailer has found innovative ways to increase footfall and sales in its 100 stores by using Scandit Smart Data Capture in its customer-facing app. For example, the app allows its 40,000 monthly users to scan receipts of various payout schemes (e.g., recycling bottles, national lottery scratch cards) and transform them into store credit. All in all, the new features brought about a 30% increase in new customers and a 50% increase in average basket size.

Congratulations also to Tallinna (2nd place) and Philip Morris International (3rd place).

APAC Winner: One of the largest retailers in Australia

Congratulations to one of Australia’s largest retailers that introduced a frictionless, intuitive self-scan shopping experience!

This organization has seen increased sales and basket sizes thanks to the introduction of self-scanning capabilities, powered by smart data capture. Having also introduced in-app search functionality, it provides a consistent customer experience across consumer operating systems and device brands. The result? Shoppers love tracking their spending in the app and saving time by skipping traditional checkout queues.

Congratulations also to Apparel Group (2nd place).

Operational Excellence of the Year

EMEA Winner: VF Corporation

Congratulations to VF Corporation, one of the world’s largest apparel, footwear and accessories companies with more than 35,000 associates across 1,265 stores, spanning more than 125 countries!

The group, which has brands like Vans, The North Face and Timberland in its portfolio, moved away from dedicated scanning devices and adopted smart devices powered by Scandit Smart Data Capture to improve omnichannel operations. Mission accomplished: VF Corporation now has 100% inventory accuracy, boosting omnichannel sales! Store associates also spend 50% less time doing scan-heavy tasks.

Congratulations also to DM Drogerie Markt (2nd place) and Benetton (3rd place).

APAC Winner: Yamato Transport

Congratulations to Yamato Transport, Japan’s largest delivery service company, for enhancing its driver app with smart data capture, upgrading the employee experience and streamlining operations!

Today, 9000 delivery partners and sorting centre staff use Scandit on smartphones. Better scanning performance and speed mean each one makes approximately 300 scans per day, no matter the conditions!

Congratulations also to YP Bookstore (2nd place) and OK Corporation (3rd place).

Innovation of the Year

Americas Winner: Staples

Congratulations to Staples, which automated the previously tedious process of verifying price label accuracy with Scandit Smart Data Capture!

The retailer implemented ShelfView, our shelf management software, leading to time savings of over 80% for employees, 99% price-checking accuracy and the discovery (and mitigation) of revenue-impacting price inaccuracies.

Congratulations also to Party City (2nd place) and Cardinal Health (3rd place).

EMEA Winner: Sephora

Congratulations to Sephora, the global beauty retailer dedicated to prestige omni-retail, for its device consolidation project!

The renowned brand migrated from dedicated scanning devices to smart devices and integrated our pre-built SparkScan solution in less than half a day. Store associates are now able to perform all their workflows and store activities with one single device, benefitting from superior performance.

Congratulations also to Lufthansa (2nd place) and Swiss Post (3rd place).


Congratulations to USMH, an alliance of supermarket operators in the Tokyo metropolitan area, for successfully using Scandit Smart Data Capture in a multitude of ways!

USMH originally deployed Scandit to boost order-picking workflows. Since then, the use of smart data capture has been expanded to include self-scanning for shoppers via its Scan & Go Ignica app in more than 500 stores, in-store order fulfillment, nutrition checks and promotions! As a result, sales are on the rise.

Congratulations also to Posly/PicoLabs (2nd place) and Toyota (3rd place).

SMB Transformation of the Year

Americas Winner: Integrated Logistics Services

Congratulations to Integrated Logistics Services, a B2B IT organization that delivers customized solutions for transportation businesses, for streamlining the driver operations of one of its clients!

The end-customer switched from a legacy solution to Scandit Smart Data Capture on smart devices, significantly reducing both delivery and driver onboarding time, in addition to cutting costs.

EMEA Winner: Happy Bar & Grill and Happy Delivery

Congratulations to Happy Bar & Grill and Happy Delivery, a multi-national chain of modern, casual dining restaurants operating across Bulgaria, Romania, Spain and the UK, for enhancing the order delivery experience with Scandit Smart Data Capture!

The chain integrated our Barcode Scanner SDK into its internal order management & tracker app, ensuring a smoother and faster delivery experience for both drivers and customers.

APAC Winner: CIMTOPS Corporation

Congratulations to CIMTOPS Corporation, a company focused on helping the manufacturing sector streamline warehouse, logistics and inventory management operations!

CIMTOPS has integrated Scandit MatrixScan AR into its popular i-Reporter app, a paperless solution for recording, reporting and viewing “on-site reports”. Embracing smart data capture helped CIMTOPS customers reduce monthly stock management time by 90%.

With that amazing lineup of regional winners, let’s now move on to the global ones.

Everyday Superhero(es) of the Year

Congratulations to Alistair Edwards for his visionary leadership in implementing and shaping cutting-edge technology that helps customers, workers and businesses!

Alistair’s dedication to knowledge exchange has positively impacted our customers, workforce and indeed smart data capture products. As a Scandit Captain, he has advised on how best to serve businesses and contributed to technology roadmaps that balance global solutions with regional distinctions, ensuring optimal consumer experiences through tailored technology, systems and processes.

Congratulations also to Neil Hall of Yodel (2nd place) and the LINE team (3rd place).

Positive Impact of the Year

Congratulations to Giunko, a company that helps Italian citizens correctly manage waste materials using smart data capture!

A photo of the Giunko team, founders of the Junker app.

Giunko’s app, Junker, makes use of our smart barcode scanning capabilities in order to identify products’ packaging and materials they are made of and to advise citizens on how to sort domestic waste in line with local rules and regulations across 1,800 municipalities. The app has over 3.1 million downloads, 1.8 million classified products and 34 million product searches. The best part? It directly contributed to reducing CO2 emissions by an estimated 10.5 thousand tons.

Congratulations also to Sorga (2nd place) and Calbee (3rd place)!

Global Champion of the Year

And now, for the final award, the judging panel have closely assessed the smart data capture initiatives of all the regional winners mentioned above, and handpicked “the best of the best”.

Huge congratulations to Staples for being the big winner of the 2023 Smart Data Capture Awards!

The future belongs to those who innovate

And that’s a wrap on the 2023 Smart Data Capture Awards!

We’d like to extend, once again, our heartfelt congratulations to all winners and runner-ups, but also our profound gratitude and appreciation to all the nominees!

Regardless if you’ve been an avid smart data capture user for years or you’ve just implemented it, your commitment to bettering customer experiences, employee satisfaction and business efficiency with smart data capture inspires and pushes us forward every day. Thank you for your continued support and collaboration, and good luck innovating further!

P.S. If you’d like to enter the 2024 Smart Data Capture Awards, apply here.