Scandit 6.9 Release – Localization, Usability, and More

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Barcode scanning usability and localization have been a big focus for this 6.9 release, including new barcode selection options and localization capabilities for 1D and 2D barcodes. Additionally, there is further framework support for Xamarin and Capacitor 3.0.

New Barcode Selector

6.9 includes the barcode selection API on Android, making it easier for users to scan a single barcode when multiple codes are in the camera preview. There are two barcode selection options:

  • Aim to scan – position the aimer viewfinder on the desired barcode and tap anywhere to confirm to scan.
  • Tap to Scan – easily select from the highlighted barcodes shown in the viewfinder.

The Beta for Barcode Selection on iOS is also complete. Barcode Selection is now in production on both iOS and Android platforms.

New Localization for 2D Barcodes

We’ve improved our localization capabilities for 2D barcodes. This builds on the updates made in 6.7 for 1D barcode localization.

Performance improvements include:

  • Better performance at challenging angles.
  • Faster localization.
  • Upgraded long-range scanning performance.

Capacitor 3.0 Support

Following the latest release from Ionic, Scandit now supports Capacitor 3.0. You can see the latest documentation here.

MatrixScan and Parser for Xamarin.Forms

Now, Scandit’s MatrixScan and Parser are supported on Xamarin.Forms. So you can integrate multi-code scanning capabilities into your applications. Additionally, you can quickly parse the data scanned, making it easier to provide your users with the information they need.

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