Scandit Community Edition Unveiled: Free Barcode Scanner SDK and Product API

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Scandit Community Edition Unveiled: Free Barcode Scanner SDK and Product API

Today were thrilled to reveal the Scandit community edition! Our new offering provides free access to both our best-in-class Barcode Scanner SDK and the all-new Product API, with product data for over 25 million UPCs. The community edition provides access to what is now the largest UPC-based product database on the web and—for the first time ever—makes Scandit’s advanced scan technology available to developers free of charge! Interested developers can now sign up now on our website.

Read our press release for detailed information.

Core features of the Product API include:

  • Coverage – Access the largest collection of product data available on the web for over 25 million UPC codes.
  • Premium Data –Integrate images, ingredients, nutritional information or reviews, including data for over 10 million European products.
  • Validation and Backfilling – Validate existing content in your database and fill in gaps with our massive list of products.
  • Third-party Warranties – Monetize your apps by selling warranties for UPC-based products through Scandit’s exclusive partnership with Warranty Life.

Combined with our Barcode Scanner SDK, the community edition acts a one-stop shop for developers looking to build product-centric m-commerce apps. Check out some of the awesome apps our clients have created using Scandit.  To make the deal even sweeter, integration of the SDK and API takes only minutes. Learn more by reading our press release and signing up for free today.

Stop by our table at MobileBeat 2012 today and tomorrow and to check out both the Barcode Scanner SDK and the Product API! We even have Swiss chocolate.