Boost customer engagement with website barcode scanning

Scandit makes it simple to add scanning to your website.

Create more frictionless engagement with smartphone scanning – with or without an app

At Scandit, our mobile computer vision software helps businesses drive more successful customer engagement by enabling high performance barcode scanning directly through your website or web app, using any camera-enabled smart device, with no need for your customers to download or install an app.

Fight app fatigue and cut down cart abandonment

Barcode Scanner SDK for the Web makes it quick and simple to integrate enterprise-grade scanning to existing web or ecommerce sites. If you don’t have a mobile app or want to offer scanning to a broader audience, it’s a smart solution. Make business with you frictionless, empower customers to scan barcodes using any mobile or desktop browser so they can easily look up product information, add items to shopping lists or reorder products in seconds, not minutes.

Website scanning optimizes engagement with your business and consumer customers.

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3 Ways to Boost Customer Reach and Retention with Website Barcode Scanning

Speed up business, enhance user experiences and integrate with ease – read three reasons why allowing people to scan barcodes on your existing website engages with the widest possible customer base.

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Add Barcode Scanning to a Website

Avoid App Fatigue and Cut Cart Abandonment with Web-based Scanning

Here we explore how can retailers can successfully engage customers with barcode scanning, without necessarily having to develop a mobile app.

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Find out how Scandit’s computer vision software makes it easy for shoppers to scan barcodes with their own smartphones – and then either pay for goods at a self-checkout kiosk or pay on an app with Scan-and-Go.

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Try it out

Head to your app store to download and try out our SDK for Web demo apps for free. You’ll see how Scandit’s award-winning technology comes to life and converts your smartphone or tablet into a fast and high-performing barcode scanner in any web browser.

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