Assisted Selling: Improve Service and Sales with Scandit

Empower associates, eliminate queues and delight customers with scanning-enabled apps on smart devices.

Physical Retail Needs to Evolve

The purpose of a retail store today has changed. Brick-and-mortar stores must transform from transactional to experiential.

And retailers are focused on creating a truly differentiated customer experience, from personalized recommendations and on-the-spot assistance to a seamless checkout.

Unlock New Ways to Assist Customers

A great shopping experience often hinges on your store associates. So empower them with a smart device and mobile apps to help make every interaction meaningful and profitable.

When Scandit’s barcode scanning technology is powering your mobile app, a simple scan can open the door to a wealth of helpful information for associates, drive sales and even help customers to check out from anywhere in the store.

All on one device that fits in their pocket.

Reduce Walkouts by Creating Super Associates

There’s nothing more frustrating than customers walking out empty handed due to poor service.

Retailers must create experiences in store that delight shoppers and convert sales. Clienteling using mobile apps enables you to do just that. Employees provide relevant information on the spot, such as recommendations or comparisons.

  • Seamlessly integrate barcode scanning and augmented reality capabilities into many major clienteling apps, like New Black Mercaux, Mad Mobile and Keytree, with Scandit.
  • Provide a powerful tool to access information anywhere with a quick scan and wow shoppers with AR overlays.
  • Create great experiences, turn staff into super associates.

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Checkout Anywhere

Long lines have always put people off. Now consumers have gotten used to the ease of online checkouts and won’t tolerate waiting in stores.

One way to combat queues? Deploy mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) on smart devices and process checkouts anywhere in the store.

  • Scandit turns any smart device into a powerful scanner for mPOS.
  • No need for a high-maintenance sled or bulky scanner.
  • Minimal training for familiar smartphones means more time to spend engaging with customers.
  • Seamless integration with retail software like Mad Mobile, Oracle Xstore, Xenia and payment providers including Adyen.

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Why Scandit is the Right Customer Assistance Solution for You

Reduce TCO

Lower TCO

A reliable solution that brings high performance scanning to mobile apps on any smart device – no need for a sled or expensive scanner.


Easy Integration

Scandit makes it simple to integrate with popular retail ecosystems, clienteling apps and mPOS software.


Enterprise-grade support

We offer specialist technical, solution and best practice support.

Let us show you how this would work in your store.

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