Your Store is a Differentiator

Consumers are searching for better value and consistent omnichannel experiences. With visits to physical stores increasing, your store is a crucial factor in customer loyalty. Delighting them every time they enter and connecting them with your brand is now more important than ever.

Insights in the Aisles

A great shopping experience often hinges on your store associates. So empower them with a smart device and provide access to real-time product, inventory and customer data. Giving them the confidence to make every interaction meaningful and profitable.

When Scandit Smart Data Capture technology is powering your mobile app, a simple scan can open the door to the endless aisle for a consistent omnichannel experience. Driving sales and helping customers to check out from anywhere in the store.

All on one device that fits in your associate’s pocket.

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Don’t Leave Customers Waiting

Turn associates into high-value sales consultants by providing customers with relevant information on-the-spot, such as recommendations or comparisons using clienteling apps.

  • Make interactions seamless with unmatched scanning performance.
  • Easily integrate Scandit into many major clienteling apps, like New Black Mercaux and Mad Mobile.
  • Provide a powerful tool to access information anywhere with a quick scan and wow shoppers with AR overlays.

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Checkout Anywhere

One way to combat queues? Deploy mobile Point of Sale (mPOS) on smart devices and process transactions anywhere in the store.

  • Scandit turns any smart device into a powerful scanner for mPOS.
  • No need for a high-maintenance sled or bulky scanner.
  • Offer instant loyalty sign-up through ID scanning.

In a recent report, retailers said walkouts reduced by 10% and average order size went up by 25% after deploying clienteling apps and mPOS on smart devices.

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Why use Scandit Smart Data Capture
for Customer Assistance

Reduce TCO

Lower TCO

A smart data capture solution brings high performance scanning to mobile apps on any smart device – no need for a sled or expensive scanner.


Easy Integration

Scandit makes it simple to integrate with popular retail ecosystems, clienteling apps and mPOS software.

Increase Revenue

Prevent lost sales and increase transaction size with assisted selling.

Let us show you how this would work in your store.

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