Everli streamlined the in-store order fulfillment process for shoppers who pick and deliver products to customers, by replacing manual product verification with Scandit’s barcode scanning solution integrated in their shopper app. The smartphone scanning app helped optimize efficiencies, improving the accuracy of the products picked, and the speed of delivery to customers.

We have an average order size of 30 items per order, where the likelihood of shoppers selecting incorrect products is high. The accuracy and speed with which Scandit’s barcode scanning solution helps our shoppers scan, verify and deliver these products, significantly improves user and customer satisfaction, reducing calls to our customer service team.
Daniele Benzi, Product Manager, Everli


Europe’s leading grocery delivery provider, Everli aims to make grocery shopping simple, fast and convenient for customers in Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic and France. They ship from store to door, employing shoppers to pick and deliver fresh supermarket produce, and fulfill customer orders within set timeframes using the company’s shopper app.

Integrate barcode scanning in the app, streamline shopper workflows

Everli’s existing shopper workflow included shoppers reviewing the customer’s shopping list through an app on their smartphones; picking products and confirming availability by clicking either the ‘product available,’ or the ‘product unavailable’ tab.

There was no way shoppers could verify that the product they picked was the one that the customer requested with this process. As a single product, in the case of a pot of yogurt for instance, could have different variants, ranging from a variety of flavors, to the fat content, to how it was sourced, whether organically or otherwise.

Everli felt that a barcode scanning-enabled app would improve shopper productivity by helping them to pick the exact product that the customer requested. They decided to add a smartphone scanning function in their shopper app, to enhance operational efficiencies including the accuracy and speed of product picking, which would improve the overall quality of service to customers.


Improving shopper and customer experiences with high-performance smartphone scanning

Everli researched traditional and open source barcode scanning solutions, as well as Scandit’s smartphone scanning solution. They tested Scandit’s barcode scanner SDK, and decided to integrate it in their shopper app, owing to its superior scanning accuracy and speed. According to Daniele Benzi, Product Manager at Everli, “I found the speed at which Scandit’s smartphone scanning solution scans the barcodes exceptionally fast. The smartphone scanner captured the barcode, even before I correctly positioned my camera on it.”

Fast and accurate mobile barcode scanning gives Everli shoppers a seamless, stress-free experience – reducing the effort required to verify products. Shoppers download the app on their BYOD (bring your own device) iOS and Android smartphones, and use the barcode verification functionality to connect to Everli’s extensive product database – updated daily with product information from over 33 retailers across the geographies the company operates in.

Shoppers can pick the exact products that customers request, eliminating replacements, improving the user experience and customer service. They also save on time and can increase their earning potential by completing more orders in less time.


Shoppers fulfil orders correctly, as barcode scanning accuracy delivers zero errors.
Zero errors
One minute saved per order, increasing earning potential owing to a higher order fulfillment rate.
1 min
Calls to Everli’s customer service team reduced by 10 percent.

Currently, over 2600 shoppers at Everli’s Italian base fulfil 153,000 orders monthly, with a single order size averaging 30 items that must be scanned. Scanning accuracy and speed from Scandit’s high performance barcode scanner have reduced calls to Everli’s customer service team by ten percent.

Moreover, the Covid-19 pandemic saw customers staying away from brick-and-mortar stores, preferring to shop online – enabling the company to meet their customer order delivery KPIs, thanks to the Scandit-powered shopper app.

According to Daniele, “Our shoppers save one minute per order, which translates into 10 saved minutes across 10 orders, enabling the business to fulfill more orders within the same timeframe.” He adds, “as our business expands across Europe, we continue to partner with Scandit to help us scale operations.”

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