Save Time with Fast Mobile Point-of-sale Transactions.

Why Use Smart Devices for Mobile POS?

Offer More Options to Customers

Customers that don’t need to bring items to a dedicated checkout kiosk save time in the store.

Reduce In-store Staff Levels

When employees use smart devices to process customer purchases right in the aisle, retailers spend fewer resources on dedicated checkout personnel.

Slash Hardware and Equipment Expenses

Enabling mobile POS transactions with smart devices allows retailers to spend less acquiring and maintaining expensive dedicated check-out hardware and equipment.

Today, customers expect purchase options that match their shopping habits.

Did you know...

According to, there will be 27.7 million Mobile POS bases installed in the US by 2021, up from just 8.5 million in 2017 – a more than three-fold increase.

The Scandit Advantage

Top Performance on Over 4,000 Devices

Scandit delivers premium performance even when employees use low-end smart devices for mobile point-of-sale transactions. Virtually any smart device equipped with Scandit solutions can be an enterprise-grade mobile point-of-sale machine.

Low Cost and No Training Required

Smart devices offer the same barcode scanning performance as traditional scanners and TCO is up to 5x lower. Most people frequently use smartphone apps in their personal lives so there are no technical challenges implementing a Scandit solution.

No Need to Change An Existing Enterprise Platform

In addition to a native software development kit for mobile apps, Scandit offers SDK for the Web that enables scanning in the browser without an app and Keyboard Wedge for use with enterprise platforms and corresponding mobile apps that cannot be changed.

Scandit Products for Mobile POS

Barcode Scanner SDK

Integrate enterprise-grade barcode scanning into your mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) app using our Barcode Scanner SDK for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

Are you a developer?

Scandit Case

Replicate a traditional scanning experience without the need for additional electronic components, all while protecting your smartphone using our new, ergonomic accessory.

Scandit Flow

Build your data capture solutions in just 30 minutes. From simple forms to complex workflows, get going fast.

Are you a developer?

David Levitt

CIO Omni-Channel at Party City

Our recent investment in mobile data capture technology from Scandit provides enterprise-grade performance at lower total cost of ownership than bulky, more expensive dedicated scanners.

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