Choosing a Mobile Barcode Scanning Technology Provider – The Scandit Advantage

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scanning barcodes with smartphone

Scandit is the leading provider of cloud-based enterprise mobile data capture solutions. Offerings include our Barcode Scanner SDK (software development kit), Flow mobile application development platform, and prebuilt mobile data capture solutions. In addition, the ergonomic Scandit Case accessory assists scanning with iPhone and iPod. Scandit enables enterprises to perform enterprise-grade barcode scanning with consumer or rugged smartphones, tablets and wearable devices.

By basing its technology on a cloud platform, Scandit ensures data can be captured affordably, efficiently and easily integrated with existing IT systems. From a TCO perspective, there are many practical reasons to use consumer-grade mobile devices in professional scanning environments. Upfront cost per unit is substantially lower than that of the typical dedicated scanning device used in professional environments. Scan performance is equivalent to a dedicated scanner with the added benefits and broader capabilities of a multipurpose device, increasing ROI.

Especially when software is delivered and maintained via the cloud, customization is an easier and quicker process than for dedicated scanning devices. When necessary, maintenance costs are generally lower. Software upgrades are also easier and less costly to perform.

However, a consumer smartphone may not provide the resiliency or ruggedness needed for certain professional environments. Distribution centers, shipping/receiving areas, and back-of-retail-store locations are just a few environments where dust, dirt, scanning volumes, and risk of drops and falls can prove overwhelming to a standard consumer smartphone. Download our new retail white paper to learn more about specific challenges of retail environments.

Fortunately, in these circumstances enterprises have the option of using ruggedized smartphones. These devices offer all the same advantages of a regular consumer smartphone, but meet the same ruggedness ratings of dedicated barcode scanners. A variety of ruggedized smartphones exist, designed to withstand different environmental factors.

Enterprises needing to perform scanning in harsher environments may also want to consider leveraging iOS devices using the Scandit Case. The Scandit Case provides the ergonomics of a dedicated scanning device with a lightweight form factor which protects smartphones from everyday wear and tear at a much lower cost. The Scandit Case leverages the smartphone’s existing electrical components and built-in camera while fully integrating with Scandit barcode scanning software.

Workers can use either more cost-effective consumer or rugged devices, or even utilize an app running on their own personal devices in a bring your own device (BYOD) environment. The need for device-specific training is minimized or eliminated, as employees are usually intimately familiar with mobile operating systems.

And Scandit technology can be integrated into the wearable devices that are becoming increasingly popular in businesses across industries. Workers wearing connected eyewear can scan products by looking in their direction, making order picking, stock-taking and other inventory-related tasks even faster and more efficient.

The seamless operational benefits of Scandit’s mobile data capture technology extend to the delivery of goods to customers and clients. Typically, couriers have to record proof of delivery with an awkward and bulky dedicated scanning device, often requiring multiple attempts.

With Scandit, a courier can read a barcode of an item using a sleek, compact device on the first try. Delivery personnel can also record customer signatures, in addition to leveraging smartphone capabilities such as GPS and voice communication. Furthermore, courier apps can include features such as geotagging and geofencing that help track products and ensure the right items are delivered to the right locations.

Learn more about Scandit’s enterprise mobility solutions, Scandit Case, Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK, and Scandit Flow Platform.