Customer Spotlight — Ibotta: Mobile Rewards with Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

| Retail

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Today’s customers are more value-conscious than ever before. Constant connectivity means shoppers can obtain discounts, rewards, offers and promotions with a simple click. Mobile devices allow customers to engage in online reward-seeking even while shopping in a store.

Fulfilling consumer demand for a seamless retail loyalty and reward experience, the Ibotta mobile retail app offers shoppers cash back on everyday purchases. Users unlock tailored cash rewards at more than 500,000 retail locations across the U.S. by performing simple tasks before shopping.

Ibotta users scan receipt barcodes to receive rewards. The app was initially developed using an open source barcode scanner SDK. However, Ibotta was looking for a more robust and reliable scanning solution for its customers.

The company turned to Scandit to replace its open source barcode scanner with the industry-leading Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. The Scandit SDK vastly improved app performance and delivered a much stronger and more consistent customer scanning experience across thousands of devices and users. Consumers can now instantly scan a product barcode or QR code using their smartphone camera to help verify purchases.

As a result, Ibotta has increased adoption, user base, daily active users, and redemption rate. The company has also seen improvements in customer experience and barcode scanning reliability since it implemented Scandit technology

To learn more about Ibotta and how Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK ensures a rewarding customer scanning experience, check out our new customer case study. Also watch the short informational video below.

Download the free Ibotta app for iOS and Android to experience the power of Scandit today.