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Efficiency is the watchword of our modern world. Each step of technological innovation nudges towards perfecting the way we get things done. And when innovation can directly impact and improve employee experiences, at a time when the need to attract, retain and empower frontline workers has never been greater, it’s a win-win.

A great example of this? How a Samsung enterprise-grade smart device combined with smart data capture technology can enable frontline workers to complete everyday tasks with greater speed, intelligence and accuracy.

From retail workers in stores to logistic drivers on the road and healthcare professionals in hospitals to technicians in the field, this combination is becoming the de facto technology for mobilizing operational processes and delivering innovative solutions for a wide range of data capture workflows.


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Source: VDC Analyst Research

In this blog, we look at how the partnership between Samsung and Scandit is taking frontline worker empowerment to a new level – transforming business outcomes and creating more productive and positive employee experiences.

Samsung and Scandit: innovative solutions through powerful combined capabilities

Samsung’s range of rugged enterprise-grade smartphones and tablets are designed to keep frontline workers connected, productive and protected.

Here we’ll explore how the features of Samsung’s latest pioneering Galaxy XCover6 Pro have been combined with Scandit leading smart data capture platform to empower frontline workers with an rugged, enterprise-grade smartphone capable of innovating and transforming a range of workflows across enterprises.

Enterprises the world over are challenged to reduce costs and streamline operations. And they need happy, engaged and efficient workers to support them.

The Galaxy XCover6 Pro was designed with frontline and field workers in mind. The partnership with Scandit and Samsung allows workers to get jobs done with less hassle and simplifies workflows, which keeps them happier and successful.

Great features and bigger benefits for frontline workers

Data capture processes today can be time consuming, with repetitive and scan-intensive workflows, sub-optimal conditions and often shared, dedicated scanning devices between workers.

Instead, the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro’s powerful central and graphical processing, 6.6” large screen and rugged features when combined with Scandit Smart Data Capture’s capabilities can deliver high-performance scanning for a wide range of workflows across multiple industries, in tough conditions, able to supersede the ergonomics and performance of dedicated scanners.

With these increased scanning speeds and enhanced performance – enterprise can shift the burden of tedious tasks from workers to technology.

Combined with the full capabilities of the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform, the Galaxy XCover6 Pro can exceed the performance of dedicated scanning devices, even in the most challenging scenarios and evolve how workers traditionally complete tasks. The ability to scan and count multiple items simultaneously with Scandit MatrixScan Count is one example of a workflow innovation.

Enterprises can achieve up to 10x efficiency gains for processes such as inventory management, shipping and receiving. While speedier completion of onerous tasks makes for happier and more productive workers.

Five reasons to deploy the Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro with the Scandit Smart Data Capture platform

  1. Performance vs dedicated scanners: The Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro combined with Scandit can exceed the performance of dedicated scanners, even in the most challenging scenarios. This includes real-world complications such as varying distances, low light, glare or even when scanning damaged barcodes.
  2. Simplified productivity: As a multi-functioning device frontline workers can do all tasks (including scanning, communication and navigation) in a single device. There’s no need to use or share multiple devices, which is both more convenient and less cumbersome.
  3. Innovate data capture and access: Accurately capturing barcode or the content from entire labels is critical as workers need to rapidly scan multiple packages simultaneously or keep up with scan-intensive inventory tasks. The Scandit Smart Data Capture platform and Samsung XCover6 Pro can take advantage of smart enabler tools providing frontline workers with a range of features to speed and enhance their workflows.For example, Scandit MatrixScan can scan multiple items and search and find one physical item from many in an instant. Integrating augmented reality (AR) delivers product information and operational instructions in a simple visual way. And Scandit Smart Data Capture includes ID Scanning to check identity documents quickly.
  4. Better UX: The Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro offers best-in-class features and an open ecosystem. And with the flexibility to deploy as a COPE (Corporately-owned personally enabled) model supports a better user experience and enterprise capabilities.
  5. Do more with confidence: Durability and ruggedness epitomize the Galaxy XCover6 Pro. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of business on the frontline, featuring a durable MIL-STD-810H8H certified design and Corning® Gorilla® Glass Victus®+. Also, Samsung’s leading end-to-end mobile security, Samsung Knox delivers multi-layered protection to give extra peace of mind.

Watch it in action:

Designed for frontline efficiency

Scandit has worked closely with Samsung to optimize its technology in the Galaxy XCover6 Pro and help solve many of the data capture challenges that frontline workers contend with today, while delivering an empowering and refreshing user experience.

Learn more about choosing the right device to work smarter in this guide from Samsung & Scandit.

Watch video showing Samsung Galaxy XCover6 Pro with Scandit delivering top performance scanning.