How to Leverage Mobile Barcode Scanning (Without Going Broke)

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Businesses of every kind are investing in mobile barcode scanning solutions to increase the efficiency, transparency and profitability of their daily operations. Whether you’re a retail enterprise looking to empower shoppers with a self-scanning application or a logistics company attempting to mobilize your proof of delivery workflows, mobile data capture technology is a powerful asset across a breadth of industries. However, there are two key challenges that keep enterprises from capitalizing on mobile barcode scanning: cost and complexity. Today, we’ll be introducing you to a handful of solutions that circumvent both of those barriers.

Scandit is an industry leader in proprietary mobile computer vision, machine learning and augmented reality technologies. Our vision is to create mobile data capture products that revolutionize the way people interact with everyday objects. We know full well how challenging it can be to incorporate mobile barcode scanning into a modern enterprise. So let’s walk through how you can use our smart device-based data capture software to mobilize your scanning workflows quickly and affordably.

Why Choose Smart Device-Based Barcode Scanners?

There are many businesses that utilize dedicated barcode scanners to manage business assets, pick orders, complete transactions and more. And while traditional scanning hardware provides satisfactory performance, it’s also significantly less cost efficient and versatile compared to smart device-based barcode scanning solutions. For example, dedicated scanners are expensive to acquire, maintain and replace, and represent a high cost center over time. Moreover, traditional barcode scanning solutions are not intuitive for employees and require training to use.

Scandit’s innovative Barcode Scanner SDK improves mobile apps for smartphones, tablets and other smart devices by adding high-performance barcode scanning capabilities—making them capable of quickly processing low-quality barcodes at a wide range of distances and in any lighting conditions. In fact, Scandit-powered smart devices deliver the same scanning performance as traditional scanners at a fraction of the price, reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) dramatically. In recent years, enterprises we support have introduced BYOD (bring your own device) policies to reduce implementation costs even further. With the right barcode scanning software and mobile app, you can empower staff by giving them robust data capture capabilities on their own personal devices.

Versatility is another important advantage smart device-based mobile barcode scanning holds over conventional hardware. Unlike dedicated scanners, Scandit software can reliably scan codes in low resolution from low-quality images, making fast-paced operations such as mobile PoD and field service significantly easier. Our computer vision software supports a wide variety of platforms (ranging from iOS and Android to Windows and Google Glass), as well as a range of 1D, 2D and composite symbologies. Last but not least, most employees and customers regularly use smartphone apps in their personal lives, so Scandit-powered solutions can be adopted quickly and seamlessly into your current enterprise operations.

Crafting Your Mobile Barcode Scanning Solution

If you’re looking to leverage mobile barcode scanning effectively without exceeding your budget, smart device-based barcode scanning solutions are a natural choice. If you’ve been looking into the subject, you already know that it takes more than leading-edge barcode scanning software to mobilize your data capture operations; you’ll need to make your app user-friendly to ensure widespread adoption and consistent use.

You don’t need to break the budget or totally disrupt your infrastructure to create an effective mobile app featuring data capture functionality. Just a Scandit-powered mobile app enables employees and customers to use computer vision and augmented reality to dramatically improve key processes and meet business challenges head-on.

You can start with a single digital project and see rapid improvement from your innovation efforts. Here are the products that can help you make this happen:

Barcode Scanner SDK

Enterprises that have a mobile order picking app and can integrate enterprise-grade barcode scanning can use our Barcode Scanner SDK for Android, iOS, Windows and Linux. This innovative data capture technology enables any camera-equipped device to track, locate and decode multiple barcodes simultaneously, bringing unrivaled efficiency to your data capture procedures in B2E, B2B and B2C apps. Barcode Scanner SDK utilizes industry-leading decode object-recognition algorithms to accurately read barcodes in any condition—regardless of wear, tear, blurriness, glare, and lighting conditions—delivering consistency and convenience for customers and employees alike.

Learn more about the Barcode Scanner SDK.

Enterprise Browser

The Scandit Enterprise Browser enables customers to add enterprise-grade camera-based barcode scanning to any new or existing browser-based application without any integration effort. It works with all web applications with no integration required. Enterprise Browser delivers industry-leading scanning performance for your existing B2E web-based applications.

Learn more about the Enterprise Browser.

Scandit Keyboard Wedge

Scandit’s Keyboard Wedge is suitable for enterprises that have an app but cannot or do not want to integrate barcode scanning directly. It enables enterprise-grade barcode scanning capabilities on almost any mobile device for all B2E applications. The app enhances tablet and smartphone scanning systems, allowing customers to quickly scan multiple codes in a single scan sequence. The Scandit Keyboard Wedge provides exceptional scanning performance on any app (native or browser-based) and requires no integration, making it easy to incorporate into your existing retail systems. This comprehensive scanning solution automatically populates text fields in legacy applications—as well as ERP, WMS and POS—delivering world-class mobile self-checkout for your customers.

Learn more about the Keyboard Wedge.


Harness the Power of Mobile Data Capture With Scandit

If you’re ready to learn more about mobile barcode scanning and the most cost-effective ways to incorporate it into your day-to-day workflows, then call or message Scandit today. You can also connect with us for more information on our mobile barcode scanning solutions and the advantages they can bring to your enterprise.