Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust Realizes Cost & Time Efficiencies Thanks to Scandit Mobile Barcode Scanning

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Trust implements pilot as part of Scan4Safety Program

Scandit, the leading developer of next-generation mobile data capture solutions based on computer vision, augmented reality and machine learning, has been instrumental in a highly successful pilot run by Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, one of the largest and busiest acute hospital trusts in the UK. Scandit’s technology sat at the core of a fit-for-purpose scanning app that allowed medical staff to capture vital patient, product and location data.

The pilot was implemented by Leeds Teaching Hospitals under the government’s Scan4Safety program, which aims to improve patient safety, product accountability and location traceability, and make processes more efficient through the use of point-of-care data capture technologies.

Scandit integrated its software-based barcode scanning solution with an electronic patient record solution, PPM+, which was developed internally by the Trust. This allowed clinicians and nurses to leverage the computing power of mobile phones and other smart devices when scanning patient wristbands. The pilot ran on six devices in the Breast Care Unit and because staff were able to carry out an increasing number of scans, they gave very positive feedback.

“The pilot to test the Scandit solution worked so well that both clinicians and nurses didn’t want us to take it away,” commented Stuart MacMillan, Program Manager, Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. “In terms of Scan4Safety eProcurement deliverables, we are now in a very strong position, so our next task is to plan how we roll it out to more than 800 devices across the Trust and engage with staff in other departments, particularly in the operating theaters. We have every confidence in the scanning software capabilities of Scandit.”

The plan now is for Scandit’s technology to become part of improvements to the Trust’s inventory management, allowing it to capture data across all points of care, including medical machinery and equipment and procedural information. In addition, the Trust is working closely with Scandit to incorporate location tracking through GLN (Global Location Number) barcodes, which will make it the first Trust in the Scan4Safety program to take this step.

“Scan4Safety will allow us 24/7 tracking of our patients to allow our endoscopy, radiology and theater teams to be as efficient as possible. It allows our clinicians to manage their patients more closely and safely, including possible contribution to reduction of never events. Being able to perform patient / product recalls at the touch of a button, with greater reassurance of completeness, is a tremendous facility. Reducing unnecessary waste by reducing unnecessary stock, eliminating out of date stock, and being able to be open and challenging about unwarranted clinical variation is essential for an efficient hospital of the future. Scan4Safety is a real addition to good clinical practice,” said Dr David Berridge, Deputy Chief Medical Officer.

Paul Davis, VP of Sales, Northern Europe at Scandit, said: “We are delighted that the pilot went so well, and we are working closely with the Trust to help them realize not just the improvements that mobile barcode scanning can make in time and efficiency, but also in costs. They have already carried out tests comparing the length of time that it takes for a nurse to recall a product using the old system and the length of time using the new inventory system, and found that the minimum saving in time is just under eight hours, which represents approximately $220. Given the number of product recalls that the Trust has to implement over the course of a year, this represents a massive financial saving.”

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