How Does Mobile Barcode Scanning Help With IT Asset Management?

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IT asset management (ITAM) is a process that seeks to merge inventory, financial and risk management functions to support business success. By compiling detailed information on your organization’s software and hardware inventory, you can make informed decisions about which assets need to be purchased, replaced or redistributed, fostering more intelligent and cost-effective IT operations. Leading enterprises are leveraging mobile computer vision to create flexible asset management systems that mitigate incremental risks and the costs of maintaining and expanding their selection of IT assets.

Scandit is a leading developer of smartphone-based asset management solutions. Our mobile data capture platform can turn almost any smart device into an enterprise-grade barcode, text, and image recognition machine, empowering your team to enhance its asset management initiatives via powerful mobile apps. We aim to deliver flexible, cost-efficient mobile computer vision technology that position your enterprise for continued process improvement. Today, we’ll be reviewing how you can drive revenue, boost customer satisfaction and maximize business impact by upgrading your IT asset management solution with mobile barcode, text, and image recognition technology.

The Benefits of Mobile Computer Vision in ITAM

The primary purpose of IT asset management is to accurately assess the risks and costs associated with company-owned IT systems, hardware and software. Your team can harness these insights to inform and improve business decisions regarding sourcing, funding, IT strategy and more—ensuring that you purchase and leverage the right IT assets at the right times. ITAM can go a long way in reducing IT waste and maximizing team efficiency, enabling smarter budgeting, greater return on investment and long-term business success.

Equipped with the right solution, IT teams can use low-cost smart devices to leverage barcodes, alphanumeric codes, and other symbologies to identify and track business assets at all times. Conventional barcode scanners are often too bulky and expensive to fit into daily workflows. That’s why more and more businesses are turning to smartphone-based IT asset management. Thanks to innovations in mobile computer vision, companies can turn even low-end smartphones with no autofocus capabilities into enterprise-grade barcode, text, and image recognition machines. This solution makes it easy and inexpensive to equip your entire workforce with powerful tools to find and track IT assets across your organization. A smartphone-based ITAM system allows you to quickly collect reliable asset information in the field and utilize this data to make well-informed business decisions that drive efficiency and ROI.

The benefits of mobile ITAM extend to your customers, too. By digitally tracking IT assets via smartphones, your employees can spend significantly less time trying to find and maintain these assets, bolstering worker productivity, improving overall workflows and, perhaps most importantly, enhancing quality assurance. Smartphone-based ITAM empowers your team to quickly identify and correct operational inefficiencies, increasing the quality of service it offers customers and clients. This mobile computer vision solution can help your business improve and maintain customer satisfaction.

Scandit’s IT Asset Management Solutions

Now that we have a solid grasp on how mobile computer vision can improve your ITAM system, let’s talk about the best technologies and practices for implementing this solution across your enterprise. Scandit offers a range of flexible IT asset management resources that are compatible with thousands of mobile devices, taking the stress and complexity out of enforcing your maintenance cycles.

The Barcode Scanner SDK

Looking to add enterprise-grade scanning capabilities to your mobile asset management app? Then be sure to check out our award-winning Barcode Scanner SDK. This scanning solution operates on a variety of platforms—including iOS, Android, Windows, Linux and more—transforming smartphones, wearable devices and tablets into powerful and reliable data capture tools for IT employees. By pairing our SDK with your own mobile ITAM app, you’ll spend less time and resources fretting over business assets, encouraging higher productivity and superior focus.

Scandit Flow

Scandit Flow was developed by the same mobile data capture experts that designed the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. This flexible platform can provide your business with a software-based alternative to dedicated barcode scanners that minimizes total cost of ownership and the high up-front investments associated with traditional solutions. Designed to be simple, fast, and highly customizable, our cloud-based mobile app and platform works seamlessly in almost any enterprise barcode scanning environment. Flow provides your staff with a user-friendly smartphone app that grants you real-time visibility into the organization’s assets at all times. Our pre-built, cloud-based workflows make it easy to deploy a mobile app across your enterprise via tablets, smartphones or wearable devices, bringing simplicity to your asset management system.

The Scandit Case

If you’re concerned about the durability and longevity of your barcode scanning software-equipped mobile devices, then look no further than the Scandit Case. This hardy, ergonomic accessory for iPod, iPhone and select Android devices perfectly replicates the traditional asset scanning experience while eliminating the need for additional electronic components. The Scandit Case allows users to illuminate barcodes in dark settings and provides a natural scan position for fast and smooth operation. The lightweight form factor of the Case keeps barcode scanning-equipped smartphones safe and secure during daily scanning activities, drastically reducing maintenance costs and total cost of ownership. Best of all, the Scandit Case operates with no additional device battery drain and allows users to leverage all smartphone features, making it simple and convenient to incorporate into daily workflows.

Optimize Your Asset Management Capabilities With Scandit

Ready to learn more about how you can leverage Scandit technology to mobilize your asset management operations? Then don’t hesitate to call or message us today. Our team can provide any resources or support you need to develop the best asset management system for your unique needs and constraints. Also, feel free to reach out if you have additional questions about barcode scanning system implementation in general. We will help you devise the perfect asset management solution for your IT team.