New Barcode Scanner SDK Feature Enables Retailers to Generate QR Codes to Modernize their Shopping Apps

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self scanning and self checkout

Given the challenges that e-commerce-only enterprises present, retailers are looking for new ways to blend the digital and physical worlds and improve the in-store shopping experience.

Self-checkout and mobile point of sale (mPOS) processes are two areas where retailers can deliver a better experience by creating more robust mobile shopping apps. The newest version of the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK now offers a QR Code Generator which can be used for creating QR Code-based self-checkout to facilitate these customer-facing processes.

In the store, a shopper with a scanning-enabled mobile shopping app on his smart device scans the items he is buying and adds them to his cart. When he is done shopping, the Barcode Scanner SDK in the app generates a QR Code that contains the bill for his purchases. The shopper may then present the QR code at a self-checkout kiosk or a cashier to process final payment.

Optimizing the self-scanning and mPOS processes are great places for retailers to start taking their mobile shopping apps to the next level.  

Recent studies have shown that shoppers will walk away from a purchase after 2-3 minutes of waiting in line. Scandit customers that have optimized their self-scanning experience sell three times more products to their customers that use the mobile shopping app for self-scanning. How much could you increase purchasing frequency and average purchase value simply by improving the self-checkout and mPOS experiences?    

In addition to the QR Code Generator, Barcode Scanner SDK release 5.8.1 also offers support for implementation using .NET standard on the Xamarin platform and a solution for adding barcode scanning functionality to a React Native app via an NPM Command Line. Review the Barcode Scanner SDK 5.8.1 Release notes.

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