New Release of Barcode Scanner and OCR SDK 6.4

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OCR on smartphone

We are excited to announce the production release of the Scandit Barcode Scanner and OCR SDK 6.4.

6.4 includes a number of new things, but there are a few features we specifically want to point out:

Barcode scanning improvements

We have further improved our Code 128 / EAN decoder performance for low resolution codes, increasing the scan range. We have also improved our MicroQR decoder performance in the presence of rotations.

The default symbol count range has been extended, allowing you to scan longer barcodes by default without adjusting the max barcode length in the scanner configuration. More details can be found here.

Revised Cordova/Phonegap Plugin

With the 6.4 release, we have added the ability to manually size and position the DataCaptureView (similar to the functionality we had in our 5.x releases). TextCapture is now also available for Cordova/Phonegap, enabling the scanning of text on Passports and ID Cards with a Machine Readable Zone.

Read up on how to get started with Cordova/Phonegap with the new 6.x API.

Revised Xamarin Plugin now available in production

In the previous release of 6.2, we introduced a new API for our Xamarin plugin that follows the 6.0 API philosophy. We have kept the API in Beta for the 6.2/6.3 releases because it was a major change. With the 6.4 release, we now have the first production release of the Xamarin 6.x plugin

Read up on how to get started with Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android.

ID Scanning

6.4 brings the first version of our new capability to scan the front of ID cards and driver licenses without a barcode or MRZ. This makes it possible to scan EU drivers licenses, which don’t have a barcode or machine readable zone.

With this capability, it’s now also possible to scan data from both the front of US drivers licenses, as well as the barcode on the back.

Read about all our changes in our full release notes:

Contact us at if you have any questions regarding these changes.