New Release of Barcode Scanner and OCR SDK 6.5

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Today we are excited to announce the production release of the Scandit Barcode Scanner, ID Scanning and OCR SDK 6.5.

6.5 includes a number of new features. But there are a few we specifically want to point out:

Barcode Scanning Improvements

We have significantly improved the time to process each camera frame. This has led to scan performance improvements, especially in batch scanning scenarios, although these  are dependent on the individual device. On a Samsung XCover Pro, the latest rugged smartphone from Samsung, we have seen a 35% reduction in the total time to scan in batch mode.

We have also released a faster and smoother MatrixScan version for selected use cases (Shelf Management and Inventory Audit) and in particular for mid-range devices. If you are interested in trying this, we would recommend the “Inventory Audit sample” that comes with our SDK. And if you are considering upgrading to these latest and much improved MatrixScan capabilities, we would highly recommend you reach out to our support team who are always happy to help and advise.

Read all about the new scenarios.

Revised React Native Plugin

With the new SDK 6.x major release, we are updating all of our plugins to provide you with an improved API and new features. 6.5 marks an upgrade to the React Native plugin. This now includes APIs for Barcode, MatrixScan and MatrixScan AR, TextCapture, and the Parser Library.

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Revised Xamarin Plugin

The new Xamarin Plugin that was introduced in 6.4 now includes support for TextCapture and Parser Library APIs.

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ID Scanning

Version 6.5 includes our new ID Capture API allowing you to scan all types of ID documents. Whether you are scanning the front or back of a US Driver License, an EU driver license or a European ID card – all of these documents can be scanned with the same API. It also means that regardless of the technology used for scanning (Barcode or Text), the optimal settings are applied.

This is the foundation for much more to come. Stay tuned for announcements on support for new ID formats and optimized UI Viewfinders in the coming updates. We’ll also be bringing this new ID Capture API to all of our plugins with any upcoming releases.

Read about all our changes in our full release notes:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions regarding these changes.