New Release of Barcode Scanner, ID Scanning and OCR SDK 6.7

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Scandit SDK Release 6.7

We’ve just released the latest version of our Scandit Data Capture SDK. The 6.7 release contains the latest features, fixes, and improvements.

Here are a few we want to specifically point out:

Upgraded Barcode Localization

The 6.7 release incorporates localization enhancements for 1D symbologies.

It includes:

  • Improved scanning at challenging angles
  • Higher light glare tolerance
  • Upgraded long-range scanning performance

Faster Camera Startup for iOS and Supported Plugins

In 6.6, we released an update for the Android camera API that halved the camera start time. For 6.7, this feature is now available on iOS and all our supported plugins for building cross-platform apps.

For more information, see our advanced camera guide on the standby state.

Full Type Support for Cordova and React-Native

Cordova and React-Native now ship with full type support. So there’s better discoverability of our API and more reliable auto-completion in your IDE.

We have also improved the support for Fast Refresh on React-Native. So you can preview code changes without having to rebuild your app.

Important Notice – 5.x API Is Deprecated

Lastly, a quick note to remind you that we have deprecated the 5.x API on all platforms (except Linux). Release 5.19 was our final 5.x release. Applications running 5.x will, of course, continue to work.

We’ll no longer release new features but will continue to release critical bug fixes and security patches for one year past the 5.19 release date. Access to these patches is dependent on your support package.

You’re encouraged to migrate to 6.7 and take advantage of our latest/ advanced features and improved performance. Migration guides for all platforms are available at

As always, please reach out to with any questions or support migrating your application to 6.7.

Read about all our changes in our full release notes:

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at if you have any questions regarding these changes.