New Report by Top AIDC Analyst, VDC – Revolutionizing Data Capture with Scandit

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taking picture of a box with smartphone

VDC Research, the leading AutoID and Data Capture analyst firm, has today released its latest industry white paper on mobile barcode scanning. The reportRevolutionizing Data Capture: Bringing enterprise-grade barcode scanning to everyone, takes a close look at the rise and success of mobile barcode scanning in the enterprise to improve mission-critical business processes throughout the supply chain. With a focus on Scandit, VDC analyzes how mobile barcode scanning is helping enterprises across verticals streamline workflows, lower costs and boost bottom lines.

VDC’s research shows that the data capture industry is expanding its footprint to now proactively leverage the capabilities of smartphones and tablets by introducing mobile solutions that enable enterprise-grade scanning performance. In their latest white paper, you can learn how these solutions are helping large enterprises mobilize a higher percentage of their workforce and workflows, leading to increased operational efficiency and lowered costs.

Scandit’s mobile solutions demonstrate how smartphones, coupled with powerful mobile apps and web services, act as a cost-effective and feature-rich replacement option for legacy barcode scanners. With this in mind, VDC sheds light on how the next-generation technology is shaping the future of the AutoID and Data Capture market.

To learn more, download the full report from VDC Research.