One Year After MobileBeat: Mass Adoption of Scandit Technology Disrupts Barcode Scanning Industry

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One Year After MobileBeat: Mass Adoption of Scandit Technology Disrupts Barcode Scanning Industry


Exactly one year ago at the VentureBeat MobileBeat 2012 conference we launched completely new community and enterprise editions of our popular mobile barcode scanning technology. Over the past 12 months our new offerings have gained enormous traction and, by popularizing the use of smartphone-based barcode scanning within the enterprise, have initiated and accelerated the disruption of the traditional barcode scanning industry which relies on dedicated scanner hardware.  

A Growing Community: Thousands of Developers and Major Brands Rely on Scandit Technology

Since the launch of our new plans the number of developers leveraging Scandit for their mobile consumer and enterprise apps has grown more than 30% month over month, resulting in an incredible yearly growth of over 2,000%! Today, just days after the end of MobileBeat 2013, the worldwide community of Scandit developers that have started to rely on our leading mobile scan technology is many thousands of developers strong, includes many of the world’s top brands and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

With our community plan, we decided to make a simplified version of the best barcode scanning technology on the market available for smaller developers to learn, explore and innovate at no cost. And with our enterprise plans, we introduced a robust enterprise package to support sophisticated enterprise applications with industry-level barcode scanning performance and support requirements. The rapid adoption of Scandit technology in the past year indicates just how primed the market is for a shift that takes full advantage of the power of mobile technology to address enterprise data capture requirements, resulting in the inevitable transformation of the traditional barcode scanning paradigm. With our new offerings, we’ve been able to help developers explore our technology and innovate freely, while at the same time supporting enterprise mobility at a level that provides the support necessary to make the switch from dedicated scanning devices to a smartphone-based scanning solution, either via a dedicated smartphone-based barcode scanner or a mobile barcode scanning app deployed directly to employees’ own smartphones.

A Portrait of Industries: The Many Uses of Barcodes

Barcodes have been a ubiquitous aspect of all industries since around the 1970s, and today countless business processes and workflows are dependent on their technology. In recent years, many of these industries have begun to integrate smartphone-based barcode scanning, which is represented by many of the apps developed by our customers. To highlight these apps we’ve been covering many usage scenarios across industries where smartphone-based barcode scanning is being utilized. In doing so, we have tried to articulate the unique value smartphone-based barcode scanning can provide to industries such as retail, healthcare, government, and more—taking a close look at popular usage scenarios such as inventory management, mobile point of sale, patient bedside care, parts tracking, asset management and many more. The incentives keep growing for players in these industries to make the switch from traditional dedicated scanners to a smartphone-based model, which provides the potential for organizations to save over 70% in total cost of ownership. We’ll be continuing this discussion on our blog in the months to come, so stay tuned!

We’re incredibly grateful for how momentous the last year has been, and we’re working hard to ensure the next 12 months are going to be just as exciting. Stay tuned to our blog for some incredible announcements we have coming in the next few months!