Providing a Richer Digital In-store Customer Experience with Barcode Scanning and AR

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Providing a Richer Digital In-store Customer Experience with Barcode Scanning and AR

Mobile barcode scanning is a vital retail tool that supports in-store, consumer-facing, and back-end processes. In a presentation, “Providing a Richer Digital In-Store Customer Experience with Barcode Scanning & Augmented Reality,” Scandit CEO Samuel Mueller will deliver at the Internet Retailing Conference/E-Delivery Conference Thursday, Oct. 5 at 1:40 p.m in London, England, he will discuss Scandit’s vision for mobile barcode scanning in retail. The presentation will also include clienteling demonstrations from Scandit and Scandit partner Mercaux.

This vision is based on using hands-on (smartphones and tablets), hands-free (wearables) and hands-off (drones and robots) platforms to support mobile data capture for a seamless mobile, in-store and mobile customer experience.

For example, by using any of these platforms equipped with barcode scanning, optical character recognition (OCR), and object recognition technology, retailers can capture multiple issues at the shelf with a single scan. One scan can reveal incorrect pricing and product placement, empty shelf spaces, and low shelf stocks.

Scandit has also introduced a first-of-its-kind scanning and AR tracking capability called MatrixScan. By enabling high-speed scanning and tracking of multiple codes, MatrixScan supports use cases such as rapid inventory checks, product information lookup, and product search.

While traditional dedicated scanning hardware has not evolved since the early 1990s, mobile scanning software and devices have significantly expanded in the capabilities and value they offer. Key benefits mobile devices offer as compared to dedicated scanning devices include a total cost of ownership (TCO) three to five times lower over the lifespan of the device.

Looking at the typical costs associated with maintaining 10,000 dedicated scanners over a four-year device lifecycle, Scandit mobile data capture solutions can save the average retailer more than $31 million in TCO during that time. Mobile devices are also more efficient and provide a better user experience.

Meanwhile, mobile scanning apps can be deployed to transform core industry workflows including clienteling, self-checkout, mPOS, mShopping, order entry, inventory management, and shipping and receiving. This can increase mobile revenues by up to 85% and empower associates to accomplish more tasks independently.

Taking a specific look at clienteling, mobile data capture allows retailers to bring the richness of the customer experience into the store. By scanning product barcodes, associates can instantly provide shoppers with real-time product data, customer data (such as their omnichannel shopping and browsing history), individualized discounts, and loyalty redemption. All this helps seamlessly connect the in-store and online customer experiences.

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