Replacing RedLaser: Scandit Welcomes Former RedLaser SDK Customers with Special Transition Package

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News has reached us that some eBay customers using RedLaser’s SDK for barcode scanning have received a notification informing them of eBays’s plan to sunset its barcode scanning SDK for consumer and enterprise apps. Scandit has decided to offer special transition pricing to former RedLaser SDK licensees looking for a barcode scanning alternative.

What You Can Expect from the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK delivers truly enterprise-grade barcode scanning regardless of the hardware and environmental limitations inherent in mobile device usage. Through sophisticated real time image processing, Scandit’s SDK makes it possible to maximize scanning performance of all major 1D and 2D barcodes on cameras with or without autofocus, at longer ranges, and in a variety of adverse conditions.

By transitioning to Scandit you can expect:

  • Exceptional scan performance under adverse conditions—low light, high glare, and damaged codes
  • Patented blurry barcode scanning capabilities
  • Scan barcodes in motion with enhanced motion compensation
  • Professional, ongoing customer support
  • Frequent cross-platform updates to support the newest devices, OS versions and barcode symbologies

To make things even easier, we’re offering a special transition package for RedLaser customers who choose Scandit as their barcode scanning alternative.

This package includes:

  • 30 day test of Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK
  • Transition Toolkit to help customers easily switch out SDKs (more details below)
  • Special transition pricing offer of 15% off for Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK*

Transition Toolkit

To make the transition as painless as possible for previous RedLaser customers, we’ve created  step-by-step guides for swapping out SDKs.

Alternatively, we also created a RedLaser wrapper, which provides the fastest way of converting an app using the RedLaser Scanner to the Scandit Barcode Scanner library. The wrapper emulates the classes you know from the RedLaser library and maps its functionality onto the Scandit Barcode Scanner. As the libraries do not have the exact same functionality not all functions can be mapped.

Next Steps

To benefit from the transition pricing package and for access to the step-by-step transition guide (toolkit/Redlaser wrapper), please contact a Scandit representative today.

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*Applies to Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK annual list pricing for first year of Scandit license. May be subject to proof of previous relationship with RedLaser.