Retail Order Fulfillment Video Review – Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

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Retail Order Fulfillment Video Review – Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK

Fast ‘On-Demand’ delivery has become more competitive than ever – driven by more people wanting a Deliveroo-like experience for their shop.

This is something the grocery industry has been quick to understand. In the UK, Tesco is trialing Whoosh – handing customers their products within an hour of ordering.

So staff will need the right technology to handle this high fast-track order volume.

As we demonstrate below, a smartphone app powered by Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK can handle order picking and fulfillment with ease.

And because it is a smartphone, it’s economical to give one to every store associate.

Order Picking in an actual store

We produced this demonstration video with an iPhone SE. As you can see, it features product scanning in a standard order picking scenario.

Relevant buckets are scanned before the product is placed in them. The app even picks up an incorrect scan – based on the picking list.

BOPIS order picking – get the right product in the right bag

Here the store associate scans four products and the separate bags they go into in just under 12-seconds.

Barcodes that are curved and at awkward angles – commonly found polythene bags – can be challenging for barcode scanning engines. Here, the Scandit-powered app picks up the barcode instantly.

A smartphone can handle numerous other tasks

The smartphone that would be carrying out this task is also available to that employee throughout their shift. This means the device can carry out numerous other back-of-store tasks.

These could range from shelf management to clienteling.

With our SDK, there is even the option to go beyond barcode scanning and utilize additional features such as augmented reality and MatrixScan. These allow product information to be overlaid on the device’s screen.

Walmart is planning to launch its own AR store operations app on Samsung Galaxy XCover Pros. With our SDK you’ll be able to scan, and overlay information for, multiple barcodes.

Contact us if you want to find out more. Or better still, don’t take out word for it, test it out yourself.