Scandit 6.8 Release – Usability, ID Scanning, and More

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Scandit new viewfinder designs

Improving user experience has been a strong focus for 6.8, with new viewfinder styles and a redesign of our dashboard. On top of this, there is improved support for cross-platform frameworks and ID Scanning.

Scandit usability improvements

Viewfinder Designs

This release includes new viewfinder styles which, when combined with stronger feedback on capture, improve single scanning usability. The animated responsive and resizable viewfinders come in a range of settable styles to fit your use case and company branding.

Scandit dashboard and analytics

New Dashboard Layout

We are rolling out a new dashboard for both the Native and Web SDK. Users will find improvements to layout and visibility to areas like license key status. Additionally, we’ve improved the data visualization for analytics.

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Capacitor Support

6.8 introduces Scandit Barcode Scanner and Scandit MatrixScan for Capacitor. This means Scandit now supports all of the major cross-platform frameworks.

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Xamarin.Forms and Titanium

Xamarin.Forms and Titanium SDK 9+ are now available for 6.x. This means you can access all the barcode scanning improvements and support using a more modular API.
The Xamarin.Forms plugin makes the integration into your Xamarin.Forms application more flexible.

See the Migration Guides for more details

Titanium, Xamarin.Forms

Scandit ID scanning

Expanded Document Coverage

In response to requests, we have expanded the ID coverage to include ID cards, driver’s licenses, and passports from Latin America. The range now includes:

ID Cards & Drivers’ Licenses for

  • Colombia
  • Argentina
  • South Africa

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React Native Integration

ID Scanning has now been added to our plugin for React Native. You can now scan and parse ID documents in a fast and secure way with Scandit’s ID Scanning.

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