Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.2 Includes AR Tracking Feature

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Scandit has released the latest version of our Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS, Android, Windows and other supported platforms. The latest iteration includes a new premium feature called MatrixScan that enables users of any camera-equipped device to locate, track and scan multiple barcodes at once. MatrixScan provides a multitude of new use cases that increase the efficiency and convenience of data capture processes.

Introducing Scandit MatrixScan

Available as an optional premium feature, Scandit MatrixScan enables users to locate, track and decode multiple barcodes at once and adds visual feedback in the user interface to indicate which barcodes have already been scanned.

Instead of having to scan individual barcodes, users can capture an entire set of barcodes in a single scan sequence. This capability allows a multitude of new use cases that increase the efficiency and convenience of data capture processes. Our tests show that scanning a set of 25 codes can now be done three times faster than with traditional scanners. Some examples of the use cases MatrixScan enables include:

Search and Find

Users trying to find a specific product among many similar boxes can quickly search and find the desired item. The mobile scanning device localizes and decodes all barcodes in the frame and then highlights codes matching the search criteria. An augmented reality feature can superimpose product information, such as product images, on physical goods.

Batch Scanning

Our batch scanning capability allows users to scan multiple packages in a single scan sequence. The MatrixScan user interface shows the users which barcodes have been successfully captured and which ones still need to be scanned.

Other potential use cases for Scandit’s MatrixScan include simultaneous capture of multiple codes on a form or label, e.g., receiving entire pallets with a single scan or capturing all codes on a shipping label.

Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.2 integrates out of the box for streamlined scanning app development. Don’t just take our word for it; several end user case studies illustrate exactly how Scandit barcode scanning technology saves costs and streamlines enterprise workflows. Read one of our customer case studies today.

MatrixScan is available in our new 5.2 Test SDK. If you are an existing customer and would like to upgrade to 5.2 and include MatrixScan, please contact Scandit Sales. If you haven’t experienced the performance of Scandit, consider signing up for a 30-Day Test SDK today. To download the latest SDK, simply sign into your Scandit account.