Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.4 Cracks the Text Code with OCR

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The newest release of Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK ­includes significant improvements to our scanning capabilities and user experience. One major new feature included in Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.4 is Optical Character Recognition (OCR).

OCR enables text recognition for your mobile scanning apps. This means you can add text recognition to your organization’s mobile data capture workflows. As a result, you can seamlessly switch between reading barcodes and text with the touch of a button.

The OCR capabilities of Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.4 allow users to capture predefined data from sources such as forms, packages and labels. This eliminates the need for manual input and reduces the potential impact of human error. Decoding of text is fast and reliable, regardless of font, size or color.

Scandit OCR is an ideal tool for capturing data such as product serial numbers, multi-line addresses, LOT codes, VINs, and IBANs. This also means that use cases requiring both barcode scanning and text capture, such as a code that needs to be scanned and then a lot number that needs to be read from a product label, can be executed more seamlessly.

In addition, in situations where barcode scanning is the primary action but the code is damaged or otherwise not decodable, the OCR function can scan the numbers beneath the code or other product identifier/code such as a UID or a SKU. This allows the user to capture the necessary data through a different method.

Watch this performance video of Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.4 recognizing and capturing text within a barcode scanning workflow.

Other Performance Improvements
Following are several selected new features and performance improvements.

  • Improved tolerance for non-conformant PDF417 start and end patterns and added support for codes with a missing or unreadable start pattern.
  • Added MatrixScan support for Xamarin Native Android and iOS.
  • Added MatrixScan support for Cordova Android and iOS.
  • Added quiet zone violation support for QR codes.

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If you haven’t experienced the performance of Scandit, click here to download a 30-day test version of Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. To download the latest SDK, click here to sign into your Scandit account.

OCR is not part of our standard Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK licensing or trial Barcode Scanner SDK.  Please contact us if interested in finding out more about obtaining the test build for OCR.