Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.6 Adds Passport/ID Scanning

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photographing passport

Scandit has released the latest version of our Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS, Android, Windows and other supported platforms. Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.6 offers the capability to scan passports and IDs, and also improves performance in multiple symbology scanning.

Upgrade soon to take advantage of our increased performance and feature set (see release notes for details). Here are some highlights of the new features included in Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 5.6.

Scan Passports & IDs

Scandit has upgraded our Text Recognition engine to read the so-called Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) on Passports and ID cards. Scandit has added all four types of Machine Readable Travel Documents (MRTD) specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to the Scandit Parsing Library. Using our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine, you can scan the machine-readable zone of ID cards and passports on Android, iOS, Cordova, Xamarin Native, and Titanium platforms and parse out the result in a structured, easy-to-read format for further processing.

Scan Multiple Symbologies Faster
Scandit has optimized how the SDK distributes the computing load across the different cores of the device chipset to achieve 30-50% higher framerates. This significantly speeds up scanning when decoding multiple symbologies at once.

If you haven’t experienced the performance of Scandit, click here to download a 30-day test version of Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. To download the latest SDK, click here to sign into your Scandit account.