Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK Version 4.10 Released

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scanning barcode from an HDD

We just released the latest version of our Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS, Android, Windows and other supported platforms. This update includes significant improvements to our scanning capabilities and user experience. We recommend that you upgrade soon to take advantage of our increased performance and feature set (see release notes for details). Here are new features that Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK version 4.10 has to offer:

QR Scanning Gets Even Better

With the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK 4.9, we introduced a new QR decoder that provided unmatched pitch, yaw and orientation tolerance. With our new 4.10 release, we increase the pitch and skew tolerance of our QR decoder even further—on average by an additional 20%. We also improved the robustness of our decoder, which led to a 25% increase in maximum decode range compared to 4.9. Our internal user testing showed that users scan a selection of QR codes with our new decoder twice as fast as with competing solutions.

SDK 4.10 Graph-pitch-tolerance-for-qr-code-scanning-blogSDK 4.10 Graph-aiming-and-scanning-qr-codes-blog

Better Blurry Decoding Performance on Popular Samsung Smartphones

Our 4.10 release makes barcode scanning on popular Samsung smartphones such as the S4 or S6 even more instantaneous than with previous releases. While we could always decode barcodes when the autofocus was not yet triggered on iOS devices and on a significant share of Android devices, our blurry 1D barcode decoder always needed a little help from the autofocus on selected Samsung phones such as the S4 or S6. The latest release of our Scandit Barcode Scanner now brings our signature, instantaneous scan speed, to these popular Samsung devices. Barcodes are scanned as soon as they are present in the camera view finder—no need to wait for the autofocus to trigger and to adjust the focus length.


Support for Universal Windows Platform (UWP) – New in Windows 10

With our Scandit Barcode Scanner 4.10 for Windows we are adding support for Microsoft’s new Universal Windows Platform (UWP) which provides a common app platform available on every device that runs Windows 10. Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1 apps target either Windows or Windows Phone. With Windows 10, you no longer target an operating system, but can instead target your app to one or more device families. Our support for UWP means that Windows developers can deploy a single app package that provides enterprise-grade barcode scanning capability for a whole range of different devices: Windows phones, tablets, laptops, and even embedded devices.   

Be sure to download the latest SDK and update your mobile application to harness the unparalleled scanning performance Scandit has to offer. If you haven’t experienced the performance of Scandit, consider signing up for a 30-Day Test SDK today. To view the full release notes for version 4.10 or download the latest SDK, simply sign into your Scandit account.