Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK Version 4.7 Released

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scanning barcode from an HDD

We just released the latest version of our Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS and Android, which includes a number of improvements to our scanning capabilities and user experience. Given the broad range of improvements made to version 4.7 on both iOS and Android, we recommend that you upgrade soon to take advantage of our increased performance and feature set. Here are the latest additions and new features that Barcode Scanner SDK version 4.7 has to offer:

Advanced Motion Compensation for iOS — Faster POS scanning, self-checkout and inventory management

We’re excited to introduce Scandit’s new Advanced Motion Compensation capabilities. Whether you swiftly scan barcodes with your iPad point of sale system or with your smartphone, our new motion compensation on iOS takes the scanning experience to another level. See for yourself in our latest video:


iOS Barcode Scanner Framework: Update and redesign

Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK version 4.7 contains a major update to the iOS barcode scanner framework. The most prominent features are a redesigned scan UI with a more modern look and a new barcode picker API.

We have redesigned the torch and camera switch button icons to use a flat design. The “scanning by Scandit” logo below the viewfinder has been removed. Instead, the Scandit logo is now rendered more subtly as an inset of the viewfinder rectangle at a much smaller font size.


In this version, a new iOS barcode picker API (SBSBarcodePicker) has been added. The new API adopts iOS development best-practices that have emerged over the last few years. It is more modern and streamlined, and provides a solid basis for future versions. All classes and enums that are part of this API are prefixed with SBS (acronym for Scandit BarcodeScanner). This API is the new default and new applications should use it instead of the previous API. Existing applications can continue to use the ScanditSDKBarcodePicker. We will continue to maintain the ScanditSDKBarcodePicker and provide bug fixes. However, features that require new functionality on the API level will only be made available for the new SBSBarcodePicker and related classes. Improvements to the barcode recognition engine (performance, recognition rates) will also be available when programming against the ScanditSDKBarcodePicker.




PhoneGap Plugin: More control and subview support

The Scandit PhoneGap plugin for Android and iOS has been extended with new functionality. With this update, it is now possible to use the barcode scanner as a subview (scaled or cropped). In addition, functions to cancel, pause, resume (continue), stop, start and resize the scanner have been added—giving you more control over the scanning process.

A sample layout that uses the cropped picker is shown in the picture below.




Be sure to download the latest SDK and update your mobile application to harness the unparalleled scanning performance Scandit has to offer. If you haven’t experienced the performance of Scandit, consider signing up for a 30-Day Test SDK today. To view the full release notes for version 4.7 or download the latest SDK, simply sign into your Scandit account.