Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK Version 4.9 Released

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scanning barcode from an HDD

We just released the latest version of our Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS, Android, Windows and other supported platforms. This update includes significant improvements to our scanning capabilities and user experience. We recommend that you upgrade soon to take advantage of our increased performance and feature set (see release notes for details). Here are new features that Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK version 4.9 has to offer:

New QR Code Decoder: Read Barcodes at Any Angle for Unmatched Ease of Use

The Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK now features a new QR code decoder that scans QR codes when the smartphone camera is pointed at the QR code at a (steep) angle. This is important in many applications, where QR codes are used and the user needs to otherwise carefully align QR codes and camera (see video).

Our scan engine decodes QR codes at pitch and skew (yaw) angles as large as 70 degrees. With this robust scan engine performance, the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK does not only significantly outperform software based scan engines for QR decoding, but it also beats the scan performance of high-end dedicated barcode scan engines.

New Symbology Included: MaxiCode

The new Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK provides support for the MaxiCode symbology. Maxicode barcodes are used in tracking and managing the shipment of packages. The predominant use of Maxicode barcodes labels is on UPS shipping labels.

The MaxiCode decoder is not enabled by default in the Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK. To activate, you’ll need to call setSymbology on the SBSScanSettings class for iOS and setSymbologyEnabled on the ScanSettings Class on Android.

In addition to MaxiCode, Scandit Barcode Scanner SDK supports many other major 2D barcode symbologies such as QR, Datamatrix, PDF417, Truncated PDF417 and Aztec.

SDK Update 4.9


Be sure to download the latest SDK and update your mobile application to harness the unparalleled scanning performance Scandit has to offer. If you haven’t experienced the performance of Scandit, consider signing up for a 30-Day Test SDK today. To view the full release notes for version 4.9 or download the latest SDK, simply sign into your Scandit account.