Scandit Case for iPod touch Duplicates Dedicated Barcode Scanner at Lower TCO (Video)

The new Scandit Case for iPod touch is an ergonomic scan case that provides the experience of a dedicated barcode scanner at a fraction of the cost. Total cost of ownership (TCO) is as much as five times lower than a handheld scanner or mobile computer.

In a new demo video, Scandit displays the full capabilities of Scandit Case for iPod touch. With no breakable electronics inside, the case allows users to simply pop in an iPod touch device running any of Scandit’s mobile data capture solutions and start scanning barcodes. Fast, precise forward scanning is enabled via the iPod’s built-in mirror. Users aim with the iPod flashlight and press the side button to scan.

In addition to convenient, ergonomic scanning, Scandit Case for iPod touch also offers durable design. It can withstand a drop of five feet (150 cm) onto concrete.

The Scandit Case is part of Scandit’s evolving product line. This includes mobile software and cloud services designed to address mission-critical enterprise workflows such as Order Entry, Proof of Delivery, Inventory Management, Asset Management, Product Tracking and Tracing, Shipping and Receiving, and Field Service. Scandit mobile data capture solutions are ideal to meet the barcode scanning requirements of industries including retail, logistics, manufacturing, healthcare and government.