Scandit Optimizes Barcode Scanning Software for Kyocera Rugged Smartphones, Reducing Reliance on Dedicated Barcode Scanners

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Scandit Optimizes Barcode Scanning Software for Kyocera Rugged Smartphones, Reducing Reliance on Dedicated Barcode Scanners

Scandit Software Offers Kyocera Devices Advanced Data Capture Capabilities with Business-Ready Applications at a Fraction of the Cost of Traditional Scanners

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — June 4, 2015Scandit, developer of the leading software-based barcode scanning solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices, today announced that it has completed optimization and interoperability testing of its enterprise-grade barcode scanning technology for Kyocera’s line of ruggedized Android smartphones.  Scandit will offer its industry-leading mobile barcode scanner SDK and related mobile app solutions to enterprise customers using smartphones from Kyocera, North America’s leading supplier of ruggedized mobile devices, enabling them to replace expensive and technically obsolete dedicated barcode scanners and mobile computers.

Scandit’s software-based scanning technology has been optimized to work seamlessly on Kyocera ruggedized devices, including the DuraForce, Brigadier and TorqueXT.  The solution also works with Kyocera Torque devices being sold in Japan and Europe. With it, enterprises can develop their own apps with the Scandit SDK or leverage turnkey Scandit mobile app solutions that are designed for a wide range of enterprise uses.

“Scandit’s long-standing goal is to transform smart mobile devices into powerful, cost-effective business tools, and we are excited to offer our best-in-class solution to enterprises using Kyocera devices,” said Samuel Mueller, founder and CEO of Scandit. “The cost and performance advantages of placing Scandit’s data capture technology on Kyocera’s durable mobile devices is compelling: by replacing expensive dedicated barcode scanners with Scandit-enabled Kyocera smartphones, enterprises benefit from greater control and visibility into their operations while empowering employees to manage workflows more effectively, greatly enhancing their competitiveness and profitability.”

“This alliance between Scandit and Kyocera speaks volumes for the emergence of mobile scanning as a suitable alternative to purpose-built devices, particularly in application environments with occasional scanning requirements,” said Richa Gupta, Senior Analyst at VDC Research. “This combined solution provides a more seamless approach to integrating enterprise scanning capabilities for workflows across a broad range of industries.”

The Cost and Performance Advantage of Scandit-enabled Kyocera Devices

The cost advantage of transforming smartphones and tablets into ruggedized data capture devices over traditional dedicated barcode scanners is significant. The TCO advantage of Scandit-enabled ruggedized smartphones is up to three times that of rugged smartphones produced by traditional barcode scanning hardware manufacturers. For example, Scandit calculates that enterprises can reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by more than 65%—about $2,766 per device—by choosing the Kyocera Brigadier ruggedized smartphone over the Honeywell’s Dolphin 70e. In addition, smartphone features—including processors, memory, screen size and screen resolution—are continuously improving, exponentially exceeding the capabilities of aging dedicated barcode scanners. As a result, modern smart mobile devices offer better performance and a greater range of functionalities at a much lower cost of ownership.

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Scandit delivers high performance mobile solutions for smartphones, tablets and wearables, designed to transform consumer engagement and operational efficiency for today’s forward-looking enterprises. Scandit solutions are built on its patented software-based barcode scanner and are used in a variety of industries including retail, manufacturing and logistics. With nearly 20,000 licensees in more than 100 countries, Scandit processes more than 200 million scans per year and develops enterprise-grade solutions for many of the world’s most prestigious brands including Ahold, Coop, Homeplus (Tesco), NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue and Verizon. Founded in 2009 by a group of researchers from MIT, ETH Zurich and IBM Research, today Scandit and its network of global integration and technology partners are pushing the boundaries of mobile AIDC (automatic identification and data capture), delivering groundbreaking identification and data capture applications to customers. For more information visit