Scandit SDK 5.10 and Web SDK 4.1 Released

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scan barcode with smartphone

We are delighted to announce the release of new functionality and key performance improvements for the Barcode Scanner SDK, SDK for the Web, and Enterprise Browser.

Barcode Scanner SDK Version 5.10

Barcode Scanner SDK now provides reliable scanning and parsing of French ID cards, as well as improved reading performance on DataMatrix codes. In addition, the Barcode Scanner SDK now includes support for ITF and Code 39 in the Barcode Generator API. Plus, we now read the Posti LAPA 4 State Code. Log in and see the changes in this version, or try the latest demo app.

SDK for the Web Version 4.1

We’ve optimized the scanning engine codebase for faster compilation to WebAssembly, resulting in library loading and initialization times that are twice as fast as before. We now also support Micro QR symbology reading in web-based applications. Barcode Scanner SDK now reads the Posti LAPA 4 State Code. See the changes in this version, or try it now.

Enable barcode scanning in any browser-based application with Enterprise Browser

Install Enterprise Browser, and start scanning barcodes on any smart device to quickly and reliably input information into any 3rd party web-based application or add scanning to your own internal web applications.

If you have any questions about the new functionality, please contact us.