Scanning Barcodes With Wearable Devices

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Mobile computer vision-enabled devices—such as smartphones, tablets and wearables—have completely revolutionized retail, logistics and manufacturing workflows. These cost-effective alternatives to dedicated barcode scanners lend efficiency and flexibility to enterprise data capture efforts, driving greater productivity and efficiency. If your organization is considering investing in software to enable barcode scanning functionality on mobile devices, it’s critical to find an easy-to-use option that meets your unique needs and delivers the greatest business value possible. And that’s where we can help.

Over the past decade, Scandit has been developing innovative software solutions to help modern enterprises optimize their smart device-based data capture operations. Our intuitive mobile computer vision products transform any smart device into a powerful enterprise-grade barcode scanning machine that delivers top-in-class speed and accuracy. Today, we’ll explain how your team can leverage wearable devices to optimize day-to-day barcode scanning tasks.

What Are Wearable Devices?

Wearable devices (e.g., watches, bracelets, glasses – like Google Glass and other digital eyewear – etc.) can be equipped with mobile computer vision software and transformed into hands-free data capture tools that automatically read barcodes on objects and convey relevant information via augmented reality feedback displays. These digital displays can communicate pricing information, discounts, stock counts, specific product ingredients and much more. Unlike smartphones and tablets, wearable devices enable users to quickly and accurately scan barcodes, text and objects while picking items, carrying packages, or handling tools with both hands—bringing increased productivity and focus to employee scanning activities.

In today’s fast-paced business environments, efficiency reigns supreme. Whether your staff needs to scan barcodes to service equipment in the field, perform in-store order picking or manage key business assets, they need access to efficient, easy-to-use scanning solutions. Wearable devices equipped with computer vision software help your staff assist clients, transport packages or track parts more effectively and reliably. That’s why organizations in nearly every industry are integrating data capture-enabled wearable devices into their daily operations.

Applications for Wearable Barcode Scanning Devices

1. Retail
In retail, floor salespeople are often tasked with answering inquiries on specific items. For example, a customer with dietary constraints might ask a grocery store employee for detailed information on the items they’ve selected, including whether they are free of gluten or other specific substances. With the help of barcode scanning-enabled wearable devices, grocery staff can simply examine each product’s barcode for fast and easy access to these details (as well as any relevant sales or promotions) and improve the shopping experience. Retail enterprises can harness wearable barcode scanning devices to increase the quality and flexibility of their clienteling and customer support initiatives, driving sales and customer satisfaction.

2. Manufacturing
Manufacturing organizations often use OEM barcode scanning solutions to keep track of parts on the assembly line and ensure they reach their intended destination on time. Thanks to hands-free barcode scanning-enabled wearable devices, manufacturing teams can supplement or completely replace their expensive dedicated scanning hardware with a more robust and cost-effective alternative—making manufacturing workflows more efficient. Manufacturing enterprises can utilize wearable devices to refine their order entry, PoD and asset management efforts, encouraging more productive and transparent business processes.

3. Logistics & Deliveries
Logistics enterprises face the unique challenge of processing and delivering hundreds of packages every day, which requires fast and efficient tracking, shipping, receiving and order entry systems. Wearable barcode scanning devices make it easy for logistics staff to process packages, update shipping statuses or confirm delivery information while leaving their hands free to carry parcels safely. From split-second delivery updates to seamless package scanning, wearable devices enable smarter, leaner and more dependable operations for logistics companies.

4. Order Picking
Wearable devices equipped with cutting-edge computer vision technology make order picking faster and more efficient than traditional handheld scanners. Employees can rapidly process packages hands-free and identify the correct parcels for each order, improving productivity and the overall customer experience. Wearable devices are significantly more economical and flexible than standard scanning hardware, dramatically reducing TCO while supporting a much wider variety of barcode symbologies.

5. Shipping & Receiving
Warehouse staff can use hands-free wearable devices to process shipments without sacrificing the ability to operate other types of equipment. Scandit’s adaptable barcode scanning solution enables warehouse workforces to easily manage inventory and update shipping statuses—enabling higher productivity, reduced labor costs and greater business value.

Scandit-Powered Wearable Devices

Scandit’s leading-edge data capture technology gives wearable devices enterprise-grade barcode, text and object recognition capabilities, driving process innovation across all industries. Scandit-powered wearable devices can quickly and accurately process blurry, damaged or poorly lit barcodes, making them suitable for almost any data capture operation. These adaptable devices deliver real-time feedback and insights through augmented reality overlays to help users maximize productivity and cut operating costs, paving the way for greater efficiency.

When integrated with your digital eyewear app, Scandit’s Barcode Scanner SDK makes it easy to interact with any barcode via wearable devices—dramatically improving the reliability and cost efficiency of your data capture processes. Whether you need a flexible software solution for order picking, inventory management, asset management or any business workflow, Scandit’s team has the expertise and passion to help.

Optimize Your Barcode Scanning Processes With Scandit

If you’re interested in learning more about how your enterprise can leverage wearable devices to refine its mobile data capture processes, then don’t hesitate to contact Scandit today. We’re happy to provide any resources and support you need to understand and capitalize on the latest innovations in mobile computer vision. You can also reach out for more information on Scandit and our best-in-class solutions for barcode scanning with wearable devices. We can’t wait to hear from you.